As a book lover, 1 happening that excites maine astir is seeing stories brought to screens—especially if it’s a publication that’s beloved by a immense fandom. So erstwhile I saw that Daisy Jones and the Six, written by Taylor Jenkins Reid—whose The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo went a small viral past year—was getting a miniseries, I knew I wanted to reread the publication earlier watching.

It’s ever amusive to spot large and tiny changes that are made successful adaptations, but those changes don’t ever marque fans happy. In this case, I truly bash judge the tweaks, some large and small, made Daisy Jones and the Six even better. If it’s been a portion since you’ve read, oregon you’re funny astir what changes were made, I’ve highlighted the cardinal differences below. But a gentle warning—spoilers ahead!

1. Billy confronts his begetter astatine the wedding. 

In the show, Billy confronts his absentee begetter astatine a wedding The Dunne Brothers were hired to play. They extremity up warring and afterward it’s revealed that the antheral dancing with the overmuch younger pistillate is Billy and Graham’s father. In the book, Billy notices his begetter but doesn’t attack him. While successful the publication this was a much subtle moment, the amusement made it melodramatic and explosive—exactly what you privation from TV.

2. Billy and Camila conscionable astatine the laundromat. 

Camila and Billy’s meet-cute astatine the laundromat is simply a cleanable portrayal of their characters and an wide amusive country to watch, but it’s not a country we got successful the book. For me, it’s indispensable successful the series. It shows watchers however Camila doesn’t provender into Billy’s ego and alternatively keeps him successful check. We besides spot that Camila’s unbothered cognition seems to intrigue Billy, who is utilized to being fawned over. In the book, Billy meets Camila astatine a wedding wherever she’s bartending, and helium instantly wins her implicit with a creaseless line. There’s not a ton of playfulness, and Billy seems to autumn for her close away. I emotion that the bid lets their narration dilatory travel together. 

3. Chuck goes to assemblage and dental school.

In the show, Chuck has a large “better than you” attitude. He quits the set close connected the precipice of fame successful bid to spell to university, and aboriginal we observe he’s gone to dental school. But successful the publication Chuck’s quality is precise short-lived. He gets drafted—and aboriginal it’s revealed that helium died astatine war. 

4. Eddie has a puerility crush connected Camila.

Eddie’s crush connected Camila plays a immense relation successful the amusement and compounds his feelings of jealousy toward Billy. On Camila’s end, erstwhile she becomes fed up with Billy and Daisy’s all-but-affair, she seeks comfortableness successful Eddie, thing that perfectly does not hap successful the book. Personally, I deliberation it gives show-Camila much bureau than she has successful the book. This country mightiness person upset fans, but I deliberation it made the communicative each the much complex.

5. Daisy doesn’t grounds an medium earlier joining The Six.

In the book, Daisy signs a grounds woody with Teddy and is excited to yet grounds her songs. The grounds statement has different plans, and alternatively unit her to grounds a bid of screen songs. This was a large infinitesimal successful the book, arsenic it was 1 of the archetypal things successful Daisy’s beingness that didn’t truly travel easy. Overall, Daisy’s travel is simply a spot antithetic successful the publication and alternatively than research this, the amusement chose to destruct it. As the remainder of the communicative was mostly the same, this omission isn’t truly a slap successful the look to readers.

6. Billy and Daisy’s buss is precise overmuch a KISS.

Depending connected however you construe their interviews successful the book, Daisy and Billy technically travel very close to kissing—but yet the infinitesimal ends with Billy choosing to enactment loyal to Camila. The amusement focuses connected flashbacks that springiness america the “real” story: The 1 wherever Daisy and Billy do kiss retired successful the parking lot. 

7. Daisy’s photoshoot wardrobe isn’t beforehand and center.

One of the points of hostility successful the publication is erstwhile Daisy shows up to the medium photograph sprout successful a see-through apical with nary bra. It seems similar everyone makes a remark astir it, and past Billy and Daisy’s torsos extremity up becoming the medium cover. The amusement eliminates this successful favour of capturing Daisy and Billy fighting, which past ends up becoming the medium cover. 

8. Camila takes the medium screen photo.

Camila is simply a lensman successful the show, and this gives her passionateness and thrust toward a originative outlet that somewhat mirrors the band’s conflict to success. It besides puts her close successful the cardinal root of struggle during the medium screen shoot, which is ace juicy, since she’s the 1 who captures Billy and Daisy’s heated argument. This ends up becoming the medium cover. In the book, the statement hires a nonrecreational lensman who ends up photographing Billy and Daisy’s torsos successful an creator ode to sex, drugs, and stone and roll. It’s absorbing to get the photographer’s position connected the full process, but I deliberation it’s much intriguing coming from Camila. If anything, it adds to the melodramatic communicative that is the Daisy-Billy-Camila triangle. 

9. Simone struggles to marque it big.

Simone’s emergence to fame is overmuch slower successful the show. The publication shows her reaching fame earlier Daisy does, and there’s not overmuch of a conflict arsenic she climbs her mode to the apical of the disco era. Her sexuality is intelligibly depicted successful the show, and we spot her conflict with men who privation to instrumentality vantage of her, labels who privation her individuality kept secret, and uncovering a assemblage who embraces her successful New York City. I emotion that the amusement chose to soma her quality retired a spot more.

10. Graham and Karen buss for the archetypal clip post-surfing.

This was a truly amusive country to ticker unfold. Karen realizes she does, successful fact, person feelings for Graham aft spending a time surfing with him. When they get home, she seizes the moment. In the book, there’s an full country successful a edifice wherever Karen calls Graham from her country and asks wherefore helium ne'er made a determination connected her. Then helium runs to Karen’s room. It’s cheeky, it’s playful, and romanticist successful a antithetic way, and this is wherever they extremity up sharing a buss for the archetypal time. 

11. Daisy’s overdose.

Daisy’s overdose happens a small otherwise successful the book, arsenic Nicky and Daisy are successful a edifice successful Italy. The remainder of the set is backmost successful the states. When Daisy wakes up successful the shower, she realizes Nicky would person fto her die. She calmly leaves the situation—and him. This country feels existent to her quality successful the book, arsenic Daisy tends to spell done pugnacious times alone. It’s much melodramatic successful the series, since Billy is the 1 who discovers Nicky has enactment her unconscious assemblage successful the shower. Rod calls for help, Nicky takes off, and the adjacent greeting Daisy remembers who was actually there for her. This reveals much of Billy and Daisy’s dynamic.  

12. Eddie and Billy get into a carnal altercation earlier the Chicago show.

Things statesman to crumble the time of the Chicago show, and this includes Billy decking Eddie aft helium confronts Billy astir wanting to discontinue the band, past implies helium whitethorn oregon whitethorn not person slept with his wife. At the show, Eddie has a shiner and there’s wide hatred betwixt some men. In the book, the conception dedicated to Chicago is really beauteous short. Eddie and Billy don’t fight. Eddie doesn’t privation to discontinue the band. The biggest root of hostility is Camila telling Daisy it would beryllium champion if she near the band—which doesn’t play retired successful the show.

13. Billy drinks astatine the barroom with a stranger.

In the book, a alien successful Chicago subtly talks Billy retired of ordering a portion astatine the barroom by asking to spot photos of his kids. Billy doesn’t springiness successful to his temptation, walking distant without drinking. In the show, we spot Billy relapse. It was a immense alteration from however his quality remains sober successful the book, but I deliberation it was a indispensable tweak successful bid to acceptable disconnected a bid of atrocious Billy decisions and marque for a melodramatic finale.

14. Billy and Daisy buss backstage.

This leads america to Billy performing nether the power astatine the last Chicago show. He genuinely believes Camila has near him, truthful helium decides to furiously marque retired with Daisy backstage. All of this gives a huge, melodramatic flair to the show, but we don’t spot it connected the page. But is that truly thing Billy and Daisy would person admitted to successful their interviews with Julia? In my opinion, not likely—though it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. It conscionable didn’t hap connected the record.