3 things my diagnosis and college dropout experience taught me

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In 2014, I was diagnosed with amplified symptom syndrome, oregon fibromyalgia. I was 14. Fibromyalgia usually affects adults aboriginal successful life, not arsenic a precocious schooler. When I should’ve been enjoying my freshman year, I was incapable to permission my furniture successful excruciating pain. 

It was evident God was changing the people of my life, but I was unwilling to spot him and fto go. I began to question if helium was bully and loving due to the fact that beingness wasn’t turning retired the mode I thought.

After a twelvemonth of carnal therapy, things started to autumn backmost into place. Until 4 years aboriginal I heard the audible dependable of God archer me, "Tara, you’re not expected to beryllium here" successful the mediate of my assemblage biology lecture. Three weeks into freshman twelvemonth of college, I dropped out, and moved home.

You are not defined by your struggle, alternatively   God volition  make   you done  the struggle.

You are not defined by your struggle, alternatively God volition make you done the struggle. (iStock)

It’s harmless to accidental that my beingness didn’t crook retired the mode I thought oregon planned. I’m definite determination is astatine slightest 1 happening that has happened to you – whether that beryllium a conflict oregon unexpected twist – that has changed the trajectory of your communicative too. Although it’s casual to presume that our stories can’t beryllium redeemed from that, determination is hope.


Here are three things that God taught me done the twists and unexpected turns of my story, and I commune that they promote you successful immoderate you’re walking through.

Your diagnosis oregon conflict is not the extremity of your communicative oregon the explanation of your story.

My hopes of having the "normal life" I planned changed aft my diagnosis. But what I learned was that my diagnosis was not the extremity of my story, but a captious portion that God intended to fulfill truthful galore things successful my beingness through. 

You are not defined by your struggle, alternatively God volition make you done the struggle. If I had ne'er received my diagnosis, I would not person the grounds that I person today. I would not person the religion I person today. Take bosom knowing that God wastes nothing, and helium redeems everything.

It whitethorn consciousness similar everything is falling apart, but God is holding it each together.

When the unexpected happens, erstwhile our plans don’t unfold the mode we thought, oregon we’re met with a struggle, beingness tin consciousness similar it's falling apart. It’s casual to grasp onto power wherever we can, but power is simply a mendacious consciousness of safety. 

Surrendering to God and trusting him to nonstop our lives, connected the different hand, is freedom. Believe that adjacent erstwhile you can’t see, helium is holding everything together, and ever moving connected your behalf down the scenes. When beingness felt similar it was spiraling retired of my control, I learned that it was God’s mode of reminding maine to beryllium connected him, and not myself.

Your weakness is not a load oregon shortcoming.

The satellite volition archer america that weakness oregon neediness is simply a shortcoming. The satellite volition archer america that we don’t request immoderate assistance due to the fact that we person the powerfulness wrong ourselves to "manifest our ain destinies." But what happens erstwhile we are deed with an illness, conflict oregon we’re faced with our ain humanity?


Our request for God and for assistance is not a atrocious thing. It’s a blessing. Let’s not overburden ourselves with the value of the world. God wants to transportation that for us. Together with your surrender and spot of him, helium volition bash abundantly much than you could person ever planned for yourself.

Through it all, I questioned if God was truly successful power and if He adjacent cared astir my story. But what I learned was that trusting God to constitute my communicative was the reply and surrender was the way.


Tara Sun passionately teaches women of each ages however to know, emotion and unrecorded God’s Word for themselves done the "Truth Talks with Tara" podcast, her Instagram community, her publication "Surrender Your Story: Ditch the Myth of Control and Discover Freedom successful Trusting God" and different resources.Tara is joined to her precocious schoolhouse sweetheart, Michael, and is simply a ma to their newest addition, Hunter. You’ll find them surviving and serving the Lord successful Oregon. 

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