6 best sunglasses for mountain bikers

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Mountain bikers! The sun’s hot, and the dirt’s calling your name. If there’s 1 indispensable point you can’t place successful your cogwheel closet, it’s a brace of lightweight shades. Off-roading sunglasses not lone shield your eyeballs from grime, but they amplify your tract of vision. 

We’ve done the soiled enactment for you and rounded up our apical picks for the champion motorcycle sunnies of the season. Grab your shades, and we’ll spot you connected the trail.

Sweet Protection – Ronin RIG Reflect

Big, bold and beautiful, Sweet Protection presents the Ronin RIG Reflect sunglasses. Rip ungraded laps successful benignant with these durable and impact-resistant shades and acquisition unobstructed imaginativeness with the 2.2mm Toric lenses. Plus, this brace of shades provides 100% UV protection. Bring it on, sun.

Scott – Shield Light Sensitive

The Shield Light Sensitive sunglasses marque transitional lenses look cool. Effortlessly and snugly, the shades envelop your eyes. Its photochromatic lens seamlessly adapts to your surroundings, altering the magnitude of disposable airy that is transmitted to your eye. Whether connected a shady crook oregon cruising successful nonstop light, the adaptable lens is each astir expanding your tract of vision.

Smith – Bobcat

Made to screen your look similar a brace of goggles, the Bobcat sunnies are perfect for a time connected the trail. With enhanced breathability and effortless wear, these shades supply optical protection, overmuch similar your classical goggle. An further wide lens for low-light comes included, allowing an effortless swap enactment erstwhile conditions change.

Spy Optic – Monolith Speeds

The Monolith Speeds were built to spell the distance. Made with easy adjustable chemoreceptor pads, the brace stays successful spot connected immoderate face. With 100% UV protection, oculus fatigue is reduced allowing you to steer wide of immoderate semipermanent prima damage.

Zeal Optics – Morrison

The Morrison sunglasses by Zeal Optics are everything you request for an all-day escapade connected wheels. The 8-base curve of the framework let the shades to beryllium precocious and hug your look for maximum prima extortion and are accompanied by scratch and impact-resistant lenses. For dusk oregon low-lighting rides, the lens keeps things agleam with Auto Sun lens technology.

Oakley – Radar EV Paths

Packed with saccharine features similar Lightweight O Matter framework worldly and show lens technology, Oakley’s Radar EV Paths volition person you styling shifties astatine the motorcycle park. Added earsocks and nosepads marque for an uber-comfortable acceptable truthful you tin hide you’re adjacent wearing sunglasses.

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