6 Best TurboTax Alternatives and Competitors for 2024

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Don’t privation to record your taxes with TurboTax? Discover six TurboTax alternatives and competitors for each budgets.

While TurboTax is the astir fashionable taxation bundle successful the United States, it’s not the close prime for everyone. It’s comparatively costly for what you get, and determination are galore different much affordable alternatives retired there.

We’ve identified six of the champion TurboTax competitors if you privation to usage a antithetic level to record your taxes this year.

Top TurboTax alternatives comparison

Besides cost, determination are aggregate factors that you request to see erstwhile choosing a TurboTax alternative. Here are immoderate of the features to support successful caput during your search:

H&R Block logo.Image: H&R Block

H&R Block: Best wide alternative

H&R Block is rather akin to TurboTax, making them adjacent competitors. H&R Block besides offers some escaped and paid options, though its escaped mentation has somewhat expanded capabilities, which means much radical whitethorn beryllium capable to record for escaped utilizing that bundle arsenic compared to TurboTax. H&R Block besides offers the unsocial enactment of some in-person and virtual assistance if you take the astir precocious plan.

Why we chose H&R Block

H&R Block offers a precise akin diagnostic acceptable erstwhile compared to TurboTax, but its pricing plans commencement astatine a little costly threshold. H&R Block’s escaped program besides offers much capabilities, and the premium program gives you the enactment of some virtual and in-person support.


  • Basic: Starts astatine $0 for national returns and nary authorities returns, with elemental returns only.
  • Deluxe: Starts astatine $55 for national returns, and $49 for authorities returns.
  • Premium: Starts astatine $85 for national returns, and $49 for authorities returns.
  • Self-Employed: Starts astatine $115 for national returns, and $49 for authorities returns.


  • Easy papers upload from phone, machine oregon tablet.
  • Get on-demand assistance from the AI Live Assist connected paid plans.
  • Offers much taxation forms for escaped than TurboTax.
  • All paid plans get entree to unrecorded chat and telephone support.

Pros and cons

  • Free program offers much capabilities than TurboTax.
  • More affordable than TurboTax.
  • Option to get in-person assistance astatine 1 of H&R Block’s offices.
  • Interface whitethorn beryllium little intuitive for immoderate people.
  • Frequent prompts for paid upgrades.
  • TaxAct: Best for sole proprietors

    TaxAct logo.Image: TaxAct

    While not arsenic good known arsenic TurboTax and H&R Block, TaxAct offers galore of the aforesaid features astatine adjacent much affordable prices. If you’re a small-business proprietor oregon sole proprietor who needs much robust taxation bundle than the basal escaped plans, TaxAct is simply a large TurboTax alternate to look into. TaxAct besides offers bundled pricing for different concern structures, specified arsenic partnerships and S corporations, if those are much applicable to your business.

    Why we chose TaxAct

    We chose TaxAct due to the fact that of its galore antithetic pricing plans and bundles that are geared toward businesses. It besides offers an fantabulous equilibrium of features and price, particularly erstwhile compared to different fashionable taxation bundle similar TurboTax and H&R Block.


    • Free: $0 for national return, and $39.99 per authorities return.
    • Deluxe: $49.99 for national return, and $59.99 per authorities return.
    • Premiere: $79.99 for national return, and $59.99 per authorities return.
    • Self-Employed: $99.99 for national return, and $59.99 per authorities return.
    • Live taxation advice: $39.99 add-on to immoderate pricing plan.


    • Many online and offline bundle options to take from.
    • Uses an interview-style questionnaire to usher you done taxes.
    • Free taxation calculators disposable connected the website.
    • Tax checklists guarantee you person everything you request to file.

    Pros and cons

  • Transparent pricing plans, with galore tiers and bundles to take from.
  • Cheaper than astir big-name competitors.
  • Guarantees a bigger refund than immoderate different taxation software.
  • Charges other for unrecorded taxation advice.
  • Choosing the close program oregon bundle tin beryllium confusing.
  • FreeTaxUSA: Most affordable option

    FreeTaxUSA logo.Image: FreeTaxUSA

    While FreeTaxUSA isn’t 100% escaped — it charges a tiny interest for authorities returns — it’s 1 of the astir affordable TurboTax competitors retired there. FreeTaxUSA besides offers a fistful of optional add-on features, each of which are competitively priced arsenic well. However, beryllium alert that determination are tradeoffs for the debased cost: the interface isn’t the astir intuitive and it requires much manual input than immoderate different taxation software.

    Why we chose FreeTaxUSA

    We chose FreeTaxUSA due to the fact that it’s 1 of the astir well-reviewed and wide utilized low-cost taxation bundle options connected the marketplace today. If you are connected a fund and request to walk arsenic small wealth arsenic imaginable erstwhile filing your taxes, past you should earnestly see FreeTaxUSA.


    • Free: $0 for national return, and $14.99 for authorities return.
    • Deluxe: $7.99 for precedence enactment and unrecorded chat.
    • Pro Support: $49.99 for unrecorded telephone and video telephone chat.
    • Audit Defense: $19.99 for taxation adept representation.
    • Prior Year Tax Filing: $0 for national returns, and $17.99 for authorities returns.


    • W-2 PDF import is yet available.
    • Stores your taxation files for up to 7 years.
    • File for a taxation hold for free.
    • Everyone gets a escaped national taxation instrumentality careless of their income level.

    Pros and cons

    TaxSlayer: Best for multi-state taxation filing

    TaxSlayer logo.Image: TaxSlayer

    TaxSlayer is different TurboTax alternate that is particularly well-suited to multi-state taxation filing. Its escaped program besides includes 1 escaped authorities taxation return, which is somewhat of a rarity among taxation software. However, determination is an income cutoff for the TaxSlayer escaped version, successful opposition to immoderate alternatives similar FreeTaxUSA. TaxSlayer besides offers galore affordable pricing plans to take from if you don’t suffice for the escaped version.

    Why we chose TaxSlayer

    Not lone is TaxSlayer wholly transparent astir however overmuch it charges for authorities returns, it besides provides galore resources to assistance you fig retired your multi-state taxation filing situation. Whether you enactment successful aggregate states oregon unrecorded successful 1 authorities and enactment successful another, TaxSlayer volition assistance you fig retired however to record your taxes accurately.


    • Simply Free: $0 for national return, and 1 authorities taxation return.
    • Classic: $37.95 for national return, and $44.95 per authorities return.
    • Premium: $57.95 for national return, and $44.95 per authorities return.
    • Self-Employed: $67.95 for national return, and $44.95 per authorities return.


    • Phone and email support, adjacent for the escaped plan.
    • Simple, affable interface.
    • Free taxation pro enactment included connected Premium and Self-Employed plans.

    Pros and cons

  • Free authorities instrumentality included connected the escaped plan.
  • Phone and email enactment offered connected each plans.
  • Free for progressive military.
  • No offline oregon downloadable option.
  • Free mentation has income limits and doesn’t let you to assertion dependents.
  • Cash App Taxes: Best for 1099 contractors

    Cash App Taxes logo.Image: Cash App Taxes

    Cash App Taxes, the successor to Credit Karma Tax, offers wholly escaped authorities and section taxation filing. It doesn’t connection immoderate nonrecreational support, not adjacent arsenic an add-on, making it a bully prime for 1099 contractors and different radical who person a comparatively elemental taxation situation.

    It doesn’t enactment concern returns, lone idiosyncratic returns, truthful cheque retired our recommendations for the best concern taxation software if you request that instead. You indispensable download the Cash mobile app and make an relationship to record (though you tin power to your desktop aft you make the account, if you don’t privation to participate each that accusation connected your phone).

    Why we chose Cash App Taxes

    We chose Cash App Taxes due to the fact that it provides wholly escaped national and authorities taxation instrumentality filing, adjacent if you merchantability banal oregon bitcoin. However, the deficiency of nonrecreational proposal and concern instrumentality enactment means that it’s champion for 1099 contractors and different radical with straightforward idiosyncratic taxes.


    • Both states and national returns are wholly escaped with Cash App Taxes.


    • Mobile app lets you record taxes connected the go.
    • Free audit defence included.
    • Supports each large IRS forms and schedules.

    Pros and cons

    Xendoo: Best standalone full-service taxation management

    Xendoo logo.Image: Xendoo

    The remainder of these TurboTax alternatives are designed for radical looking to record their ain returns, but Xendoo is meant for businesses that request an extracurricular adept to record their returns for them. Subscribers to immoderate of Xendoo’s 3 nonrecreational services plans tin take to adhd connected taxation enactment for the full year, which includes national and authorities filing. With Xendoo, your concern volition get play bookkeeping truthful that you’re wholly acceptable to spell travel taxation time.

    Why we chose Xendoo

    Xendoo is chiefly a bookkeeping service, but it besides offers an add-on for taxation enactment arsenic well. This means you tin support your accounting and taxation filing each wrong the aforesaid enactment and person bid of caput that their experts are doing close calculations for you.


    • Essential: $395 per period billed annually, oregon $355 per period billed monthly — for bookkeeping for up to $50K successful monthly expenses.
    • Growth: $695 per period billed annually, oregon $625 per period billed monthly — for bookkeeping for up to $75K successful monthly expenses.
    • Scale: $995 per period billed annually, oregon $895 per period billed monthly — for bookkeeping for up to $125K successful monthly expenses.
    • Tax guidance positive yearly national and authorities return: $1,200 for the full year, and tin beryllium added to immoderate pricing plan.


    • Weekly bookkeeping keeps your transactions reconciled.
    • Reports springiness you fiscal visibility into your business.
    • Tax consulting and advising services included successful the add-on.

    Pros and cons

  • Outsourced bookkeeping and taxation filing support.
  • Integrates with aggregate accounting software.
  • Free consult disposable earlier motion up.
  • Much much costly than elemental taxation software.
  • No escaped proceedings available.
  • Is TurboTax worthy it?

    In galore ways, TurboTax is the modular successful taxation software, offering an intuitive question-based interface that walks each idiosyncratic done filing retired their return. It besides included aggregate options for support, from the escaped AI-powered adjunct bot to white-glove afloat service, depending connected which pricing program you choose.

    However, TurboTax is much costly compared to astir taxation bundle competitors, truthful it whitethorn not beryllium worthy it for everyone, particularly if you don’t necessitate precocious features oregon assistance connected your taxes. If TurboTax’s terms tag is making you hesitate, past it’s decidedly worthy checking retired immoderate of the alternatives and competitors that we listed present — you mightiness beryllium capable to prevention yourself immoderate cash.

    TurboTax pros and cons

  • Step-by-step interface is casual to follow.
  • \
  • Multiple enactment options.
  • Final reappraisal from a taxation adept included connected each paid plans.
  • Will record connected your behalf if you get the Live Full Service plan.
  • More costly than galore competitors with akin features.
  • Charges other for unrecorded support.
  • No carnal locations similar H&R Block.
  • TurboTax pricing


    This program costs betwixt $0 and $129 to file, depending connected whether oregon not you suffice for a escaped national return. State returns outgo $64 each if you don’t suffice for the escaped version. This program lets you upload taxation documents by snapping photos and besides includes AI-Powered Intuit Assist.

    Live Assisted

    This program costs betwixt $89 and $219 to record national returns, and $59 oregon $69 for each authorities return. It includes on-demand assistance from taxation experts with an mean of 12 years’ experience.

    Live Full Service

    This program starts astatine $129 to record national returns, and $69 for each authorities return. With this plan, a section taxation adept volition beryllium matched to your concern and volition prepare, motion and record your instrumentality connected your behalf.

    Do you request an alternate to TurboTax?

    TurboTax whitethorn beryllium the astir fashionable taxation filing bundle successful the United States, but that doesn’t mean it’s the champion prime for everyone. If you’re looking for a much affordable mode to record your taxes, determination are galore TurboTax alternatives retired there. FreeTaxUSA and Cash App Taxes are the slightest expensive, but their features are besides limited.

    H&R Block, TaxAct and TaxSlayer connection much precocious features that are akin to TurboTax, but often astatine a little cost. If redeeming wealth matters to you, we urge crunching the numbers for the nonstop features you request and comparing the costs crossed platforms.

    Finally, determination are nonrecreational work providers specified arsenic Xendoo that volition wholly grip your business’ bookkeeping and taxation filing connected your behalf. While it’s overmuch much costly than elemental taxation software, galore concern owners find the concern successful specified a TurboTax alternate worthwhile.


    To take the champion TurboTax alternatives and competitors, we assessed aggregate taxation bundle platforms and consulted idiosyncratic reviews and merchandise documentation earlier making our selection. We weighed galore antithetic features, including limitations connected escaped national taxation returns and costs for authorities returns. We besides see different factors, specified arsenic unrecorded enactment options and the trouble of the software’s learning curve.

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