‘Above the Arctic Circle’ – Tof Henry & Flurina Bieger search for the hidden lines of the North

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Not each skis missions are touted successful bottomless powder, monolithic crews, and glorious sunset lighting… oregon successful immoderate cases, immoderate lighting astatine all. In ‘Above the Arctic Circle’, iconic large upland skiers Tof Henry & Flurina Bieger caput into the acheronian wintertime canvas of Norway, wherever the prima hardly breaches the skyline during the frigid wintertime months. The Norwegian Lofoten Islands are a varying, unsafe and enticing skis playground. With nary assistance entree and miles of roaring mountains to roam, it’s a dreamy mounting for immoderate adventurous skier.

The dynamic duo of Tof and Flurina, on with Swedish filmer Elias Lundh, task by some the airy of their headlamps and the arctic prima arsenic the abbreviated movie captures the antithetic star cycles of the country passim the winter. This travel done Noway’s bluish Atlantic islands is definite to lure you into a antithetic world, acold from the mean routines we beryllium connected each day. While these routines springiness america stability, they tin besides resistance america into a mendacious consciousness of boredom. Breaking from the cycles we cognize tin beryllium 1 of the astir beauteous and liberating activities. Turn disconnected the lights, propulsion successful the headphones, and invited to a onshore supra the arctic circle.

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From Armada – Places are often defined by their beauty. Certainly Lofoten, Norway exists for galore solely done the imagery they’ve seen. Follow Tof Henry and Flurina Beiger arsenic they escapade supra the Arctic Circle with the Locator Series.

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