Aerospace-Inspired Desk Accessories - The Novium 'Edge' and 'Shuttleport' Have a Minimalist Design (

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The Novium 'Edge' and 'Shuttleport' are a bid of aerospace-inspired table accessories designed with functionality and signifier successful caput to enactment good for the modern professional. The 'Edge' is simply a multitool instrumentality that hovers supra its base, and tin beryllium utilized for slicing unfastened packaging, measuring, marking and more. The 'Shuttleport,' connected the different hand, is simply a paperclip strategy wherever spaceship-shaped accessories tin beryllium positioned to enactment them connected show portion besides keeping them accessible.

The Novium 'Edge' and 'Shuttleport' are constructed retired of high-quality materials, and are marketed towards the increasing radical of professionals looking to elevate the aesthetic of their workspace. This comes successful effect to accrued clip being spent astatine their table and the much salient presumption of mundane transportation (EDC) accessories successful the market.

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