Age for free Translink public transport could be raised

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By Mark Simpson

BBC News NI correspondent

A nationalist consultation volition beryllium held connected whether to rise the property astatine which radical suffice for escaped nationalist transport successful Northern Ireland.

The nationalist volition beryllium asked whether they judge it should enactment astatine 60 oregon beryllium raised to 65 oregon the existent state-pension property of 66.

Views volition besides beryllium sought connected extending eligibility for escaped question to disabled radical who presently lone suffice for half-price fares.

The consultation volition tally for 12 weeks.

It is being run by the Department for Infrastructure, which is successful complaint of nationalist transport.

The section said eligibility for the escaped question SmartPass had not changed since 2008 and it wanted to measure existent views.

A spokesperson said: "Changes being considered see raising the property of eligibility for concessionary fares to either 65 oregon authorities pension age.

"This change, which would use to existing users and caller applicants, would bring Northern Ireland into enactment with England and the Republic of Ireland."

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The existing eligibility rules for for the escaped question SmartPass person been successful spot for 15 years

  • limiting SmartPass usage to off-peak travel
  • bus-only escaped travel
  • introduction of application, renewal and replacement fees
  • companion passes for disabled radical incapable to question alone

The section said the outgo of the concessionary fare strategy had risen importantly successful caller years.

It outgo £39m successful the past fiscal twelvemonth and it is estimated that it volition emergence to £44.6m successful 2023-24 and much than £52m by 2030.

'No decisions person been made'

The section spokesperson said: "We are looking astatine each options to guarantee the strategy volition proceed to beforehand societal inclusion, without impacting the transportation of nationalist transport services oregon different services the section provides.

"No decisions person been made yet. We are keen to perceive from the public, typical groups and others connected however the projected changes mightiness impact them."

There is nary curate moving the section arsenic a effect of the illness of the Stormont enforcement past year.

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