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Issued on: 31/03/2023 - 16:53Modified: 31/03/2023 - 16:55




The authors of an unfastened missive advocating a "pause" successful the improvement of precocious artificial quality person urged researchers to backmost their call, aft coming nether occurrence for alarmism. In this variation of Tech 24, we talk to Mark Brakel from the Future of Life Institute deliberation tank, which penned the unfastened letter.

The letter, published by the Future of Life Institute deliberation vessel and signed by AI experts arsenic good arsenic tech leaders Elon Musk, Steve Wozniak and Jaan Tallinn, cites a survey by University of Washington as grounds for "AI systems with human-competitive intelligence" posing "profound risks to nine and humanity."

But the authors of that paper, Emily Bender and Timnit Gebru, lashed out astatine the letter, calling it "AI hype" and "stupid," portion claiming it misses the constituent of their probe and could origin much harm than good.

Speaking to FRANCE 24, Mark Brakel, Director of Policy astatine the Future of Life Institute, responded to specified criticisms by calling for an extremity to the schism successful the AI information community, betwixt those who judge it poses an existential menace to civilisation, and those who would alternatively absorption connected existent concerns similar its usage for misinformation oregon terrorism.

"We anticipation to bring these communities that travel from precise antithetic approaches and antithetic concerns together," Brakel said, "rather than statement 1 different astir the mode you get to the solution, adjacent though we seemingly hold connected what the solution mightiness be."

Brakel besides said that Vitalik Buterin, laminitis of the Ethereum cryptocurrency, was the Future of Life Institute's biggest donor successful 2021 and continues to beryllium so, a information not yet reflected connected the European Union's Transparency Register, wherever Elon Musk appears arsenic the organisation's apical donor.

Twitter, Tesla and SpaceX brag Musk is reportedly planning his ain rival to OpenAI's wildly palmy chatbot ChatGPT. 

Earlier this Friday, an Italian regulator banned ChatGPT implicit privateness concerns.

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