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My elder twelvemonth of assemblage consisted of applying for jobs, finishing retired my internship, and relishing successful the past moments earlier going retired successful the existent satellite and #adulting. For Alix Earle, University of Miami elder and TikTok superstar who rapidly reached elite presumption connected the societal media level successful the past twelvemonth (with 4.8 cardinal followers to date), assemblage beingness looks a spot different.

Sure, she lives successful an flat she shares with 5 roommates, bounces betwixt classes, tailgating, and frat parties, and struggles done assignments similar the remainder of us, but she’s besides hobnobbing with the likes of Miley Cyrus, securing concern collabs, and sharing constitution looks with her millions of fans successful her trademark “Get Ready with Me” (GRWM) videos. I person to wonderment however she juggles it each and finds equilibrium with her caller societal media fame. Thanks to Earle’s media interviews and in-demand TikTok videos, she fto america successful connected her wellness routine. Read connected to get the wrong scoop connected her go-to workout routine, eating habits, and self-care practices, and past effort them for yourself (I cognize I will!).  

Her workout

When’s she not slaying it successful beforehand of the camera oregon pitchy setting, you’ll apt find Earle fitting successful a coagulated workout sesh. As for the nonstop breakdown of her emblematic WOD (workout of the day, ICYMI), she relies connected a fewer tried-and-true routines. “My regular often depends connected what I’m feeling that day, but I usually commencement disconnected with 12-3-30 connected the treadmill and past spell from there,” Earle explained to E! News. After 30 minutes connected the treadmill, she strength trains with weights targeting immoderate country of her assemblage she feels similar she should prioritize, and past finishes disconnected with an ab regular from Youtube, arsenic she told Hollywood Life. But her sweat sessions aren’t reserved conscionable for the gym: “I besides emotion Pilates classes oregon adjacent pursuing a fewer YouTube videos to people definite areas, my favourite being booty and abs!” she said. Her must-have YouTube workouts? Daisy Keech’s ab routines and Alexis Ren’s butt burners

“It often feels similar there’s not capable clip successful the day, but I ne'er regret getting immoderate carnal enactment in,” Earle conveyed to E! News. “I archer myself each I person to bash is get myself to the gym and past erstwhile I’m determination I consciousness much motivated to workout.” And erstwhile she isn’t capable to get to the gym oregon a class, hot miss walks it is. 


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Her diet

Courtesy of Earle’s “What I Eat successful a Day” TikToks, we don’t person to conjecture however she fuels her sweat sessions. In 1 specified video, she starts her time with a veggie ovum scramble she whips up with spinach, tomatoes, and mushrooms, topped disconnected with blistery sauce, followed by what she calls a “lunch snack,” consisting of a chia parfait and an immunity shot. Later successful the day, she reaches for chips and salsa and hearts of thenar for a mid-day nibble. Before hitting the gym, Earle sips connected pre-workout from AminoLean, a pre-workout and vigor portion marque she teamed up with to make a caller flavor—aptly named Berry Alixir. And to circular retired her time of meals, she whips up a chickenhearted vessel made up of chicken, saccharine potatoes, and broccoli with a broadside of mac n’ food for dinner, past drinks a cupful of beverage earlier getting her beauty sleep. Earle’s MO erstwhile it comes to her diet? “Balance is key. Do not restrict yourself.” For that, she gets the Everygirl stamp of approval.

And if you’re wondering if she’s coffee-obsessed similar the remainder of us, this TikTok gives america the confirmation we need. Her Starbucks order? Grande shaken espresso with almond milk, 2 to 3 pumps of vanilla syrup (no classical syrup), and cinnamon powder. You’re welcome. 


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Her self-care

Most of Earle’s TikToks and IG posts whitethorn beryllium a item reel of her life, but she’s besides been existent astir her struggles with mental health, namely anxiety and panic attacks, connected TikTok. In a caller “Un-GRWM” video, she recalled her agelong travel with anxiety, not to notation being ashamed of it and not wanting to permission the location due to the fact that of it. “I’ve shared the good, the bad, and the disfigured due to the fact that that’s conscionable beingness and what makes america human–no substance what property you are,” Earle told Hollywood Life

So what does a societal media celeb bash to decompress and instrumentality attraction of her well-being? “No substance what I person going connected I request to determination my assemblage truthful I ever find a mode to incorporated that,” Earle expressed to E! News. Other than getting question in, she revealed to E! News that she leans connected journaling to wide her mind, arsenic good arsenic taking clip disconnected societal media (yes, shocking!) and spending clip with besties: “Having clip to myself wherever I tin cod my thoughts and diary truly helps maine get successful a bully headspace… ” Earle stated. “As idiosyncratic who is ever connected societal media, sometimes it’s bully to enactment your telephone down and relax. I’m fortunate to unrecorded with my 5 champion friends, truthful if I’m ever feeling down determination is ever idiosyncratic determination to speech maine done it and comfortableness me.” Bottom line: Earle stressed the value of mounting speech clip for self-reflection passim the time and not getting consumed by what you spot and work connected societal media. 

As for “the haters [who are] gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate” (to punctuation Taylor Swift), Earle near america with this last portion of proposal successful her interrogation with E! News: “No substance what you do, not everyone is going to hold with you, oregon radical whitethorn person thing antagonistic to say. You conscionable person to enactment existent to yourself and not fto small comments get to you.” Now that’s a self-care extremity we’re going to copy. 


Everybody is antithetic and needs to find what works for them 🫶🏼 this is what worked for maine 🙂

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