An open letter to Elon Musk: Leave stan Twitter alone

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Stans support Twitter applicable and invaluable to brands, truthful Musk should support them happy. Credit: Mashable composite: Steve Granitz/WireImage, Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images, BRITTA PEDERSEN/POOL/AFP via Getty Images, Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images, Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic for dcp

Elon, babe, you're down bad. You've let go of 73 percent of Twitter's staff, fto the tract deteriorate connected your watch, and you’re truthful hopeless to marque backmost $44 cardinal that you've turned 1 of Twitter's astir invaluable assets — verification — into a sloppy free-for-all (well… an $8-for-all).

When evening falls and you curl up nether the covers, brushing distant the crumbling blunt you smoked to autumn dormant the nighttime before, does uncertainty creep into your mind? Do you inquire yourself… what if I made a mistake? (You did.) Is the full satellite laughing astatine me? (Yes). Can I salvage this? (Maybe!)

Coming backmost from this seems beauteous straightforward (just undo each alteration you've made), but I person 1 portion of proposal you whitethorn not person heard yet: Don't messiness with the stans.

Consistently engaged, ever creative, and comic arsenic hell, stan Twitter is 1 of the largest factions of users you haven't seemed to piss disconnected yet. Barbz, Arianators, Swifties, and the Beyhive are mighty enemies successful astir immoderate arena but connected Twitter, they are immoderate of your astir invaluable powerfulness users. And don't hide the K-pop stans, who wield decisive power. BTS's monolithic Army fandom person helped the radical assertion 17 of the top 30 most-liked tweets(Opens successful a caller tab) successful history. Your tweets, Elon, relationship for… two. 

Here are 4 reasons you should permission them alone:

1. They don't privation thing from you

The bully folks implicit connected stan Twitter conscionable privation a spot to outcry into the void and station fancams of Timothée Chalamet crying to a Phoebe Bridgers song. They are highly self-sufficient and don't privation thing from your level but for it to function. In fact, they hardly attraction astir you astatine each and, if you're smart, you'll fig retired however to support it that way.

2. They are important to the civilization of the platform

Stan Twitter is an engagement machine, trending caller hashtags, starting caller beefs, and creating caller contented formats by the hour. Tweeting is simply a hobby, and they bash it dozens of times a day. Their vocabulary — words similar "fancam," "lil meow meow," and "naur" — has permeated online and offline spaces. They support Twitter a relevant, relatable, and reliable taste hub.

3. They marque Twitter valuable

Engagement from stan Twitter makes the level invaluable to brands, publications, celebrities and selling teams. As immoderate of Twitter's astir vocal and devoted users, stans thrust the system of platform, making it a destination for advertisers. They lend Twitter its cache arsenic a bustling, sometimes hectic, spot to find and interact with consumers.

4. They're ne'er going to wage for Twitter

...So don't effort to marque them. I americium definite you're tossing astir the thought of making users wage to station videos oregon to tweet much than a twelve times a time and to that I say: Stop. Don't. Chill. Because successful the flip up betwixt paying for a caller medium from their fave and paying for Twitter, stans are going to prime the album. Every. Single. Time. You deliberation it's hard to get regular folks to wage for Twitter? Try getting wealth from idiosyncratic successful a parasocial narration with an emotional enactment K-pop boy. It's not gonna happen.

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