Android can now 'remix' emojis and help with reading practice

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Google has listed a clump of features rolling retired to the Android ecosystem starting today, June 1st, and 1 of them tin assistance caller readers amended their diction and vocabulary. The caller speechmaking signifier instrumentality for phones and tablets is disposable with thousands of compatible children's books connected Play Books. It challenges kids oregon radical who've lone started to larn English to work sentences with the mic on. The buttons that amusement up erstwhile they pat assistance let them to rapidly look up the explanation of words oregon to perceive the condemnation beryllium work retired large for guidance. It's present disposable successful the English connection for users successful the US, arsenic agelong arsenic they person a instrumentality moving Android 8 and above. 

The tech elephantine is besides rolling retired caller widgets that amusement amusement suggestions for Google TV, banal trading accusation from Google Finance and curated stories from Google News. These widgets volition beryllium disposable for everyone with devices moving Android 6 and aboriginal successful each supported languages. Meanwhile, for those bushed of the accustomed emoji options, there's a caller instrumentality called "Emoji Kitchen." It lets users fuse and remix emoji disposable connected Gboard — truthful agelong arsenic they person a compatible operation — and past crook them into stickers they tin send. 

Users with devices moving WearOS 2 present person caller Spotify tiles and watchface complications to take from. Spotify DJ, disposable successful US, Canada, UK and Ireland for premium subscribers, tin play a personalized enactment of tracks oregon watercourse episodes from the user's favourite podcasts the infinitesimal they property play connected the caller smartwatch tile. WearOS 3.0 users tin present besides adhd a tile for a azygous to-do database from Google Notes. Those surviving successful Washington, DC and the San Francisco Bay Area are getting thing extra: They present person the enactment to load their SmartTrip and Clipper cards to their Google Wallet, truthful they tin pat and wage to thrust section proscription utilizing their smartwatches. 

Aside from each these features, which person lone started rolling out, Google has besides announced that its One subscription service's acheronian web study is afloat disposable successful the US. Subscribers volition beryllium capable to tally scans to cheque if their Gmail addresses person been exposed successful the acheronian web. They tin besides cheque if immoderate delicate information, specified arsenic their societal information numbers, person been compromised. Plus, they tin take to commencement automatically monitoring the acheronian web for their idiosyncratic information, truthful they'd get notified arsenic soon arsenic immoderate of their details get posted. Dark web monitoring is lone disposable to Google One customers successful the US astatine the moment, but Google plans to grow its availability to much than 20 countries successful the coming months. 

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