Android-Compatible Esports Apps - ONE Esports Debuts a Mobile App for Southeast Asian Consumers (

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ONE Esports is launching a caller mobile app successful collaboration with Samsung. The caller app is exclusive to Samsung Galaxy smartphones, allowing them to entree a wide scope of contented surrounding the esports organization. The contented consists of videos, interviews, guides, and articles from the ONE Esports website and tin lone beryllium accessed by users based successful Indonesia, Malaysia, the Phillipines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Tailored to cater to divers markets, the contented of the exertion has been cautiously curated, offering connection enactment successful English, Bahasa Indonesia, Tagalog, Thai, and Vietnamese. This multilingual attack ensures that users from assorted regions tin entree the app successful their preferred languages.

“We look guardant to gathering connected this concern with Samsung and supercharging the acquisition for each gaming and esports fans astir the world," commented Carlos Alimurung, CEO of ONE Esports.

Image Credit: ONE Esports

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