Anime-Themed Office Stamps - These Showa Note Pikachu Date Stamps Have a Charming Design (

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The Showa Note Pikachu day stamps are a bid of table accessories cleanable for avid anime fans to incorporated into their postulation arsenic a mode to guarantee optimal datekeeping successful a decidedly playful manner.

The stamps travel successful 5 versions to take from, which each person antithetic designs and shapes but each diagnostic the likeness of the namesake Pokémon Pikachu quality incorporated. The stamps are large for usage successful datebooks, but tin besides beryllium utilized for a wide assortment of purposes including acquisition branding and more.

The Showa Note Pikachu day stamps are being offered present for preorder until May 21 with shipping dates expected to commencement June 14, 2023. The stamps are priced astatine 4,620 yen each.

Image Credit: Value Press

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