AR Fragrance Mirrors - Mugler's Augmented Reality Mirrors Convey the Essence of Scent (

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To beforehand its newest fragrance, Mugler worked with award-winning planetary tech workplace FFFACE.ME to make augmented world mirrors that crook passersby into constellations. For the motorboat of the Mugler Angel Elixir perfume, the luxury French marque acceptable up a trio of installations crossed France and Germany: 2 successful malls and 1 successful an airport.

In beforehand of the AR mirror, visitors get to spot themselves connected a surface with a constellation overlayed atop their likeness erstwhile they person virtually spritzed themselves with Mugler Angel Elixir.

By enabling personalized and immersive interactions, these augmented world mirrors heighten engagement and supply a playful avenue for consumers to acquisition the brand. And acknowledgment to this technology, brands tin present convey the essence of a fragrance done immersive experiences that transcend the limitations of scent alone.

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