Art-Inspired Home Fragrances - Pura and The Metropolitan Collaborated on Scents for the Home (

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Pura and The Metropolitan Museum of Art successful New York teamed up to make a location fragrance acceptable featuring a signature Pura Smart Fragrance Diffuser and 2 alluring scents, Terracotta Rose and Perfume Immortelle. These 2 scents are among the six that were created to seizure the essence of the good works of creation astatine The Met.

While Terracotta Rose is described arsenic earthy yet refreshing successful its homage to Greek artisans, Perfume Immortelle uses the scents of the saccharine immortelle flower, bergamot, olive flower, cypress and myrrh to wage tribute to Roman artisans.

Home fragrances similar the ones successful this postulation connection a elemental yet effectual mode to make a cozy and inviting atmosphere, each the portion evoking affirmative emotions, boosting moods and reducing stress.

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