Asad Qaiser criticises govt's 'direct attack' on Supreme Court

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Former talker  National Assembly and person  of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Asad Qaiser. Geo News/File Former talker National Assembly and person of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Asad Qaiser. Geo News/File 

Former talker National Assembly and person of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Asad Qaiser has pledged that his enactment volition not prosecute successful victimisation tactics if it regains power. 

Speaking to a backstage quality transmission connected Friday, Qaiser criticised the  PDM authorities for its caller 'direct attack' connected the Supreme Court of Pakistan. He said, "We tin besides speech implicit the caller amendment introduced by the PML-N authorities that limits the main justice's discretionary powers."

The PTI person was referring to the Supreme Court (Practice and Procedure) Bill, 2023 which Senate approved connected March 30 to bounds the main justness of Pakistan’s discretionary powers to instrumentality suo motu notice.

However, Qaiser said that the government's timing of the authorities indicates dishonesty and malice, arsenic it seeks to supply alleviation to Nawaz Sharif, the PML-N supremo who is poised to permission London for Pakistan to spearhead predetermination run and who wants to go the country's premier for the 4th time.

He emphasised that the PTI is unfastened to talks if the authorities is consenting to clasp elections and assured that nary victimisation actions volition beryllium taken against anyone if the PTI forms a authorities arsenic a effect of the upcoming elections.

Qaiser said that the enactment main Imran Khan has intelligibly said that helium volition forgive the effort connected his life. It is due to the fact that helium [Imran Khan] seeks reconciliation, the erstwhile NA talker asserted.

The PTI person urged the authorities to refrain from politicising captious issues, specified arsenic the International Monetary Fund bailout bundle and different planetary agreements. The PTI person called upon the authorities not to spell for point-scoring implicit specified issues.

He censured the authorities for being progressive successful time-buying tactics and not wanting elections successful the country. "What the authorities wants is walk the existent clip arsenic it does not privation elections successful the country."

Incumbent rulers are distressed and frustrated owing to atrocious governance, helium pointed out.

According to Qaiser, the constitution is presently astatine risk, and it is the Supreme Court's work to support it.

Qaiser besides slammed the cognition of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) person Maryam Nawaz, saying that it is harming the country.

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