ATC dismisses plea seeking medical examination of Khadija Shah

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Monday May 29, 2023

PTI protagonist  Khadija Shah being taken by constabulary  from the courtroom connected  May 24, 2023, successful  this inactive  taken from a video. — YouTube/Screengrab/Geo News PTI protagonist Khadija Shah being taken by constabulary from the courtroom connected May 24, 2023, successful this inactive taken from a video. — YouTube/Screengrab/Geo News 
  • PTI protagonist is premier fishy successful onslaught connected Corps Commander's House.
  • Khadija Shah is girl of Dr Salman Shah, the erstwhile concern minister.
  • She was handed implicit to constabulary for an “identification parade” till May 30.

An anti-terrorism tribunal successful Lahore connected Monday rejected a plea seeking a aesculapian introspection of Pakistan Tehree-e-Insaf's (PTI) protagonist and manner decorator Khadija Shah, the premier fishy successful the onslaught connected the Lahore Corps Commander's House — primitively known arsenic Jinnah House.

Announcing the verdict which was reserved earlier today, ATC justice Abhar Gul besides denied support for Shah's household to conscionable her.

Earlier today, the manner designer’s counsel pleaded with the tribunal to question her aesculapian study from the jailhouse authorities and for the household to beryllium allowed to conscionable her successful jail. Her lawyer apprised the tribunal that Shah’s household has not been allowed to conscionable her since she was arrested.

A time earlier, PTI Chairman Imran Khan accused that the authorities was “ill-treating” his enactment workers, particularly women, successful custody.

He made the remarks portion reacting to a late-night presser of Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah connected Saturday, wherein helium claimed quality agencies had intercepted a speech indicating that the PTI was readying 2 abstracted actions, which helium termed "dramas".

Khan had said Sanaullah is "so evidently trying to screen up and preempt the fearfulness stories astir to interruption successful the media."

It is pertinent to notation present that the Punjab constabulary connected May 23 confirmed that the instrumentality enforcers person taken Shah into custody. On the adjacent day, she was handed implicit to the constabulary for an “identification parade” till May 30.

Khadija Shah’s profile

Khadija Shah is the girl of Dr Salman Shah who was a subordinate of erstwhile president Pervez Musharraf’s concern squad and had besides served arsenic an advisor successful the Punjab authorities during the Usman Buzdar government.

Shah is accused of starring the onslaught connected Lahore Corps Commander’s House during the May 9 mayhem.

Claiming to beryllium a protagonist of the PTI, she had been successful hiding ever since the authorities launched the crackdown to apprehension the accused progressive successful ransacking nationalist and subject installations pursuing Khan’s apprehension successful a graft case.

Shah is besides the granddaughter of a erstwhile service chief.

In the implicit 16 minutes-long audio message, Shah admitted that she was a PTI protagonist and was portion of the protestation extracurricular the Lahore Corps Commander’s House but denied committing immoderate wrongdoing, including inciting radical to violence.

“I americium going to surrender to the police. I person taken this determination due to the fact that the past 5 days remained precise pugnacious for me,” she said.

“They (authorities) barged into my location astatine midnight and abducted my hubby and father. They roughed up my hubby successful beforehand of our children... my home workers were besides subjected to torture,” she claimed.

The PTI protagonist went connected to accidental she did not interruption immoderate instrumentality oregon the country's Constitution, adding that she had participated successful galore PTI protests during the past year.

She besides disclosed that she was a dual national and trying to get assistance from the embassy but did not elaborate further successful this regard.

“The Punjab authorities is trying to physique a lawsuit against maine saying I americium the premier fishy and mastermind of the May 9 vandalism,” she said, accusing the provincial authorities of victimisation.

“I americium neither an bureau bearer nor a idiosyncratic of the PTI. I protested successful an idiosyncratic capableness arsenic a protagonist of Imran Khan,” she clarified.

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