Australia says tougher laws needed on artificial intelligence

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Australia said connected Thursday it planned to modulate artificial quality (AI) including a imaginable prohibition connected heavy fakes and realistic-looking but mendacious content, amid concerns the exertion could beryllium misused.

The determination comes connected the heels of a gathering of apical AI executives earlier this week erstwhile they raised the "risk of extinction from AI" and urged policymakers to equate it to risks posed by pandemics and atomic war.

"There is clearly, successful the community, a interest astir whether oregon not the exertion is getting up of itself," Industry and Science Minister Ed Husic told ABC television.

A study by Australia's National Science and Technology Council released connected Thursday showed AI-generated contented could beryllium misused successful parliamentary consultations by creating a flood of submissions to mislead nationalist opinion.

"Governments person got a wide relation to play successful recognising the hazard and ... putting curbs successful place," Husic said.

Australia was among the archetypal countries modulate AI, unveiling a voluntary morals model successful 2018.

Husic acknowledged gaps remained successful laws covering copyright, privateness and user protection, and said the authorities wanted to guarantee its ineligible frameworks were "fit for purpose" fixed the accelerated improvement of the AI sector.

European lawmakers past period inched person to walk a instrumentality to modulate AI, perchance the world's archetypal broad AI law that could signifier a precedent among precocious economies.

Husic said Australia would besides see banning high-risk elements of AI if determination was beardown request for it during nationalist consultations to framework the caller laws.

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