Authentic French Skiing

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Authentic French Skiing astatine Villard de Lans and Corrençon-en-Vercors

The neighbouring skis areas Villard de Lans and Corrençon-en-Vercors whitethorn not beryllium among the champion known French skis resorts to america Brits, but fixed the superb skiing and large family-friendly skiing they some offer, they ought to be.

Located successful the Isère country of the French Alps, the 2 villages person an authentic consciousness with much than a period of skiing history. They’re cleanable for families, with quieter slopes and a affable welcome.  

The Skiing

The skis country some resorts stock entree to is known arsenic the Espace Villard-Corrençon. It extends to a important 125km (more than 70miles) of slopes with thing for everyone from implicit beginners, who person dedicated areas particularly for them to larn their archetypal turns successful peace, to plentifulness of agelong cruisy blues and reds for intermediate pleasance and past immoderate challenging achromatic rated terrain arsenic good arsenic a caller terrain parkland for the superior skier oregon boarder.

Authentic French Skiing


Beginners person a prime of 4 dedicated beginners’ areas. Once the basics are mastered there’s a prime of precise gentle greenish and, wide, casual bluish slopes to commencement practicing your method on. One of the beginner areas, the Hameau des Rambin successful the centre of Corrençon, is nicknamed ‘the children’s hamlet’ arsenic it has precise gentle slopes and is simply a assemblage specifically dedicated to families.  

Regular intermediate-level vacation skiers volition emotion the galore agelong bluish and reddish runs that meander down done the wood betwixt the 2 resorts.  Also there’s an antithetic postulation of carnivore sculptures to look retired for erstwhile you’re connected the slopes oregon backmost successful the village. See however galore of the bears of Villard/Corrençon you tin spot!

Advanced skiers person a fig of challenging achromatic runs to trial their mettle connected including the Rhodo, Le Grand Couloir and Chamois. There are besides respective patrolled tiny freeride areas to caput into erstwhile the pulverization is plentiful.

For freestyle skiers and boarders there’s an each caller terrain parkland located astatine the apical of the Cote 2000 gondola gives tons of amusive jumps, pipes, rails and different snowy amusive features.

The Villages

Neighbouring Villard de Lans and Corrençon are akin successful galore respects, but besides person chiseled differences characteristics.

Authentic French Skiing

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Both, for example, person a skiing past dating backmost astir 120 years to the aboriginal years of the  last century. However Villard de Lans is the larger, and indeed, with a colonisation of implicit 4000, tin assertion to beryllium the largest skis edifice arsenic good arsenic year-round marketplace centre successful the Vercors massif. Corrençon-en-Vercors is smaller and famed for its delicious, upland nutrient from some section nutrient sources and chefs, it’s besides the gateway to the tranquil Vercors Haut Plateaux Nature Reserve.

Both resorts are keen to sphere the accepted Alpine colony mode of beingness and unsocial individuality of the area. You’ll find events and attractions tied to that practice and the accidental to bargain section products from the area. 

Villard de Lans’ pedestrian streets are location to a market, shops, a question pool, an indoor crystal rink, and adjacent a casino portion Corrençon-en-Vercors is simply a spot to recharge your batteries and bask the earthy situation you’re skiing through.

Both villages, located conscionable a abbreviated region from Grenoble, connection a satellite isolated from the hussle and bustle of large skis resorts with names amended known to British skiers, and a  far much genuinely French authentic upland experience. 

Après activities 

There’s plentifulness to bash astatine Villard de Lans and Corrençon-en-Vercors erstwhile you’re taking a interruption from the slopes, oregon for immoderate non-skiers successful your party.

Authentic French Skiing


In Villard de Lans the Luge and Ski Park astatine La Colline des Bains is simply a large household attraction wherever you tin effort a fig of antithetic sliding devices unneurotic for maximum fun. Along with regular -friendly amusive successful the snow, wherever you tin effort tobogganing, determination are high-speed aerial boards oregon the articulated snake-gliss, a French favourite wherever a enactment of sledges are linked chemoreceptor to process to marque a snaking descent of the slope together.

Villard de Lans besides offers indoor facilities including a leisure centre with indoor question pool, crystal rink and a fittingness centre.

Other options successful the country see snowshoeing, Nordic walking, canine sledding, igloo experiences, pony rides, abdominous motorcycle riding and galore much choices.

Villard de Lans besides organises 2 play markets each Wednesday and Sunday, a large mode to observe section nutrient and creations and conscionable and enactment the affable locals.

Getting there… 

It whitethorn not beryllium that good known to the UK market, but Villard de Lans/Corrençon are 1 of the easiest skis areas successful the French Alps to reach, located conscionable an casual 35 minutes from the metropolis of Grenoble. So it’s a precise speedy and casual transportation if you’re taking the bid to Grenoble oregon flying to the city’s airport. For those driving from the UK it’s besides consecutive guardant to scope the resorts with a 9 hr thrust from Calais, mostly connected modern, quiescent motorways. Travel with Peak Retreats and you’ll person a escaped FlexiPlus upgrade for your Eurotunnel crossing connected astir dates, providing further flexibility if you request to alteration your plans arsenic good arsenic entree to the amenities reserved for those who tin usage the FlexiPlus Eurotunnel Terminal.

Stay at :

Authentic French Skiing

Le Splendid, Villard de Lans – Peak Retreats

Le Splendid apartments payment from a cardinal determination successful Villard de Lans; tastefully refurbished wrong caller years, the residence is conscionable 200m from edifice amenities. Facilities see escaped Wi-Fi, backstage skis lockers and precocious modular finishes including a Nespresso java machine.

Authentic French Skiing

Le Splendid, Villard de Lans – View – Peak Retreats, 023 9283 9310

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