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AVG Secure VPN vs Surfshark (2024): Which VPN Is Better? - Technology News

AVG Secure VPN vs Surfshark (2024): Which VPN Is Better?

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Is Surfshark amended than AVG? Is AVG Secure VPN worthy it? Find retired which VPN is amended with our guide.

Surfshark is wide regarded arsenic 1 of the champion and astir affordable virtual backstage networks connected the marketplace today, but that doesn’t mean it’s the close acceptable for everyone’s needs. If you’ve been checking retired rival AVG Secure VPN and are wondering however it stacks up against Surfshark, I’ve got you covered successful this review. I signed up for some VPNs and compared AVG and Surfshark head-to-head to assistance you determine which 1 is the champion prime for you. Spoiler alert: It’s astir surely Surfshark, acknowledgment to its amended privateness policy, greater fig of servers and countries and unlimited devices.

AVG vs Surfshark: Comparison table

While AVG and Surfshark some connection a VPN, erstwhile you comparison them head-to-head, the differences go apparent. I’ve summarized them successful the illustration below:

AVG Secure VPNSurfshark
Number of servers59100
Number of countries373,200+
Number of devices10Unlimited
No logs policyNoYes
Multi-factor authenticationNoYes
Starting terms for one-year plan$4.58 per month$2.79 per month
Starting terms for two-year plan$4.17 per month$2.19 per month
Free trial60 days7 days

AVG vs Surfshark pricing

AVG Secure VPN pricing

AVG offers 3 VPN-only plans, each of which are much costly than Surfshark’s 2 cheapest plans. One twelvemonth is the shortest subscription clip for the AVG VPN, with 3 years being the longest (there is nary six-month oregon month-to-month program available). The pricing for those 3 standalone VPN plans is arsenic follows:

  • 3 years: $3.75 per month.
  • 2 years: $4.17 per month.
  • 1 year: $4.58 per month.

AVG besides offers a bundle plan, AVG Ultimate, that includes antivirus protection, instrumentality lock, outgo extortion and different information features, successful summation to the VPN. This program costs $4.99 a period for a one-year program and is astir equivalent to the Surfshark One program (more connected that below).

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AVG does connection a generous 60-day escaped proceedings for the VPN, but it does necessitate a recognition paper (Figure A). You’ll beryllium signed up for a two-year VPN plan, which volition beryllium charged to your paper astatine the extremity of the 60 days if you don’t cancel your subscription successful advance. AVG besides offers a 30-day money-back warrant successful lawsuit you alteration your caput aft you subscribe.

AVG requires a recognition  paper  to motion   up   for the escaped  trial.Figure A: AVG requires a recognition paper to motion up for the escaped trial.

Surfshark pricing

Surfshark offers 3 levels of plans for individuals, and the yearly subscriptions for each of them are beauteous affordable, particularly compared to AVG. Surfshark Starter, the entry-level plan, includes the VPN positive advertisement and cooky pop-up blockers. Surfshark One adds real-time breach alerts and antivirus protection, portion Surfshark One+ includes information removal. The pricing for each idiosyncratic subscription is arsenic follows:

  • 24 months:
    • Surfshark Starter: $2.19 per period + 3 other months.
    • Surfshark One: $2.69 per period + 3 other months.
    • Surfshark One+: $4.29 per period + 3 other months.
  • 12 months:
    • Surfshark Starter: $2.79 per period + 3 other months.
    • Surfshark One: $3.19 per period + 3 other months.
    • Surfshark One+: $5.09 per period + 3 other months.
  • Month-to-month:
    • Surfshark Starter: $15.45 per month.
    • Surfshark One: $15.95 per month.
    • Surfshark One+: $17.95 per month.

Surfshark does connection bulk pricing and discounts for ample teams and businesses, but you indispensable interaction the income squad for a customized pricing quote.

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Surfshark offers some a seven-day escaped proceedings and a 30-day money-back guarantee, but there’s immoderate good people attached to each. In bid to get the escaped proceedings from Surfshark, you indispensable archetypal download the app to your instrumentality done either the App Store oregon the Google Play Store. After making an account, you indispensable prime the yearly subscription, which volition springiness you entree to the seven-day escaped proceedings (Figure B). Neither the six-month program nor the month-to-month program suffice for the escaped trial. You volition person 7 days to usage the app for escaped earlier being charged for the yearly subscription.

Surfshark requires you to subscribe for a twelvemonth  earlier  getting entree  to the escaped  trial.Figure B: Surfshark requires you to subscribe for a twelvemonth earlier getting entree to the escaped trial.

If 7 days don’t dependable similar capable clip to you, Surfshark does connection a 30-day money-back guarantee, truthful you tin inactive get your wealth returned arsenic agelong arsenic you inquire for it wrong that 30-day window. However, the good people of the presumption of work states that subscriptions made via iTunes/App Store/Amazon with a prepaid card/gift paper oregon an anonymous Dedicated IP enactment are not eligible for the 30-day money-back guarantee. This means that chap Mac users similar myself indispensable marque a determination during the seven-day escaped trial.

For much information, cheque retired our full Surfshark review.

AVG vs Surfshark: Feature comparison


To trial the velocity of AVG and Surfshark, I archetypal utilized Ookla’s Speed Test without immoderate VPN moving and got baseline results of 737.88 download Mbps and 605.14 upload Mbps. Then, I connected each VPN to the nearest server successful Atlanta and ran the nonstop aforesaid trial again. Surfshark did importantly amended connected download speed, clocking successful astatine 503.19 Mbps compared to AVG’s 372.39 Mbps. However, Surfshark fared a small down erstwhile it comes to upload speeds, measuring 330.90 Mbps compared to AVG’s 385.99 Mbps.

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In my idiosyncratic experience, Surfshark (Figure C) edged retired AVG erstwhile it came to speeds. However, it’s worthy noting that transportation velocity tin alteration a batch depending connected what instrumentality and web you’re using, what server determination you’re connecting to, however galore different radical are connecting astatine the aforesaid clip and what benignant of record you’re trying to download oregon upload. Just due to the fact that Surfshark was faster for maine doesn’t needfully mean that it volition beryllium faster for you, truthful it’s ever worthy moving your ain tests.

Surfshark’s transportation  ever  loaded rapidly  for me.Figure C: Surfshark’s transportation ever loaded rapidly for me.


Streaming video contented was casual with some Surfshark and AVG Secure VPN. On some platforms, I was capable to rapidly power my determination to Canada to entree The Office and to the UK successful bid to watercourse Studio Ghibli films. The reverse was existent arsenic well: Hulu blocked maine erstwhile I acceptable the VPN to immoderate state that wasn’t the U.S.

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Technically, a fistful of AVG’s servers are optimized for streaming (Figure D), but I didn’t announcement immoderate quality successful velocity erstwhile utilizing the optimized UK server versus the regular one, astatine slightest erstwhile it came to Netflix. Only six of AVG’s servers are optimized, and 4 of those are successful the U.S., with the different 2 being successful the U.K. and Germany — truthful they are decidedly much targeted to planetary users wanting to watercourse U.S. contented alternatively than the reverse. If you privation much options, cheque retired our picks for the best VPNs for streaming.

The database  of AVG’s servers that are supposedly optimized for streaming.Figure D: The database of AVG’s servers that are supposedly optimized for streaming.

Ease of use

AVG offers perchance the astir uncluttered VPN interface I’ve yet to test. The surface simply features a toggle that turns the VPN connected and disconnected and a container beneath that displays the determination AVG automatically chooses (Figure E). If I wanted to alteration locations, each I had to bash was click the “change location” button, scroll done the options and prime a caller server. There’s not adjacent a hunt bar, though determination are categories that you tin click done connected the near side, including servers optimized for streaming and torrenting. This elemental interface plan is precise beginner-friendly but whitethorn frustrate experienced VPN users who privation much options.

AVG’s interface sports an highly  elemental  design.Figure E: AVG’s interface sports an highly elemental design.

Surfshark’s interface has a spot much going on, though it is by nary means hard to navigate. Most of the options connected the tiny near sidebar punctual users to subscribe to different Surfshark products, specified arsenic notifications astir imaginable information breaches. The main sheet is taken up by a database of disposable servers and the presumption of the server you are presently connected to.

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I truly liked that Surfshark makes it casual to browse servers by country, successful summation to utilizing the hunt barroom to find a peculiar location. You tin besides filter servers to spot those that connection static IP oregon MultiHop, if you person a penchant for that. I was besides capable to favourite peculiar servers, which past showed up close astatine the apical of the list, making them casual to find again successful the future. Surfshark besides offers a chill diagnostic called Rotating IP (Figure F), which automatically switches your IP code each fewer minutes for other protection.

Surfshark offers aggregate  VPN settings to take  from, including Rotating IP.Figure F: Surfshark offers aggregate VPN settings to take from, including Rotating IP.

Personally, I deliberation the further features of Surfshark are worthy the ever-so-slightly higher learning curve. Even beginners who person ne'er utilized a VPN earlier volition rapidly get the bent of Surfshark.

Security and privacy

Surfshark offers aggregate information protocols: WireGuard, OpenVPN and IKEv2 VPN. It uses robust AES-256-GCM encryption arsenic good arsenic ChaCha20 encryption for the WireGuard protocol. Surfshark uses a 2048-bit mentation of the RSA (Rivest-Shamir-Adleman) encryption keys. AVG besides offers 3 information protocols: WireGuard, OpenVPN and its ain proprietary Mimic protocol. AVG besides uses an AES 256-bit encryption cardinal and OpenSSL and certificate authentication.

While these 2 VPN services are somewhat adjacent erstwhile it comes to security, privateness is wherever they truly statesman to diverge. Surfshark has a no-logs argumentation (the manufacture standard) and offers multifactor authentication, which I highly urge you enable. AVG doesn’t person an MFA oregon an authoritative no-logs policy. It does person a convoluted privateness policy that outlines what information it does and doesn’t way done its VPN, but that doesn’t springiness maine a batch of assurance — particularly erstwhile some AVG and its genitor company, Avast, antecedently got busted for selling idiosyncratic information done their escaped antivirus software. When it comes to privacy, I’d prime Surfshark implicit AVG.

AVG pros and cons

AVG pros

  • 60-day escaped proceedings available.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Very elemental interface is beginner-friendly.
  • Connect up to 10 devices simultaneously.

AVG cons

  • More costly than Surfshark.
  • Fewer servers and locations than Surfshark.
  • Privacy argumentation is unclear.
  • Doesn’t connection MFA.
  • Parent institution was caught selling idiosyncratic information successful the past.

Surfshark pros and cons

Surfshark pros

  • More affordable than AVG Secure VPN.
  • More servers and locations than AVG.
  • Connect an unlimited fig of devices astatine once.
  • Clear nary logs policy.
  • MFA available.

Surfshark cons

  • Free proceedings is lone 7 days long.
  • 30-day money-back warrant not disposable for Apple oregon Amazon purchases.

Should your enactment usage AVG oregon Surfshark?

Normally it’s much hard to prime a victor successful these comparisons, but aft researching and investigating some of these VPNs, I consciousness precise assured recommending Surfshark implicit AVG for some idiosyncratic and concern use. Surfshark is much affordable than AVG and offers unlimited devices successful summation to much locations and servers. Surfshark besides has amended privateness and information features, successful opposition to AVG’s somewhat checkered past and unclear privateness policy.

Most of AVG’s entreaty is that you tin get antivirus bundle and different features bundled with the VPN connected the AVG Ultimate program and prevention immoderate currency that mode erstwhile compared to the standalone prices. However, you tin besides get antivirus extortion connected the Surfshark One and One+ plans, which are either adjacent to oregon adjacent cheaper than the terms of AVG Ultimate.

Review methodology

To trial retired AVG Secure VPN and Surfshark, I signed up for escaped trials of some VPN services and tested them for speed, streaming and easiness of use. I besides combed implicit their presumption of work and privateness policies, arsenic good arsenic their information protocol documentation. Finally, I consulted idiosyncratic reviews to guarantee that my sentiment and acquisition weren’t the lone ones represented successful this article.

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