Balochistan: Four Pakistan border guards killed by militants near Iran

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Pakistan borderline  forces successful  Balochistan, 16 Sep 20Image source, AFP

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Pakistan has agelong been battling militants successful Balochistan (file pic)

The Pakistani service says "terrorists" operating from Iran person killed 4 of its borderline patrol troops successful the south-western state of Balochistan.

An service connection said officials were talking to their Iranian counterparts to forestall specified incidents successful future. The onslaught happened successful Kech district.

No radical has yet claimed work for the attack.

Separatists successful Balochistan person been warring the authorities for decades. The state has a long, porous border.

Reports said the insurgents had taken the weapons of the 4 dormant soldiers. The army statement included photos of the four: a corporal, a lance-corporal and 2 privates.

Last period 9 Pakistani information officers were killed and astatine slightest 13 wounded successful a termination onslaught successful Balochistan.

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