Battery bad after installing iOS 16.5? Try these 7 tips

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Here we are, yet different iOS release, apt the past large update earlier the iOS 17 is unveiled astatine WWDC 2023, and immoderate iPhone owners are erstwhile again experiencing artillery issues. 

Along with a clump of fixes, caller features, and implicit 3 twelve information fixes, does the caller iOS 16.5 update amended oregon degrade artillery life?

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I've been keeping an oculus connected societal media and Apple's enactment forums, and opinions are, arsenic always, mixed. Some accidental this update is simply a large improvement, others accidental it's abysmal. And determination are adjacent reports of overheating accompanied by plummeting artillery life.

If you're experiencing amended artillery life, bully for you. You tin halt speechmaking present and get connected with your day.

However, if you are 1 of those radical having artillery issues, I person immoderate tips and tricks to assistance you marque it done the day.

1. Be diligent

It's mean to acquisition a driblet -- adjacent rather a important driblet -- successful artillery beingness pursuing the installation of an iOS update.

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iPhones request to transportation retired a fig of tasks successful the inheritance successful the aftermath of an update. This consumes much artillery powerfulness than usual, and the battery beingness volition instrumentality to normal erstwhile each these other tasks person been completed.

2. Reboot again

It mightiness look unusual to urge a reboot since the update process reboots the iPhone, but it really helps. And remember, that reboot that happens pursuing an update triggers disconnected a raft of post-update actions, from updating indexes and recalibrating the battery. 

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If the iPhone is burning done the artillery aft the update, past a reboot mightiness bring things nether control. It's worked for me, and it's worked for respective different radical I've recommended. 

And it doesn't outgo you thing beyond a mates of minutes.

3. Update your apps

The occupation mightiness not beryllium an iOS contented but much a occupation with an app that has gone rogue, particularly erstwhile caller versions of iOS person been released. That means it's a bully thought to marque definite each your apps are updated earlier you spell spending a batch of clip trying to diagnose what's going on.

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Fire up the App Store app and pat your illustration icon successful the corner, past scroll down to Available Updates to look for updates (I similar to propulsion down this surface to refresh it, truthful I spot each the latest updates).

4. Find retired what's eating your artillery

OK, truthful updating iOS and your apps hasn't solved the issue, and your artillery is showing arsenic fine. What other could it be? It could beryllium a rogue app that's draining the battery. And fortunately, iOS offers you the tools you request to way down misbehaving apps.

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Head implicit to Setting > Battery, and present you volition spot a batch of data, including Battery Usage By App. Tapping besides allows you to power to Activity By App, which shows a breakdown of however overmuch powerfulness the app is utilizing portion connected the surface and however overmuch it is utilizing erstwhile successful the background.

iOS 13 artillery  drain

Analyzing artillery drain successful iOS.

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You tin usage this accusation to diagnose artillery drain issues. Here are immoderate different things you tin usage this accusation for:

  • An app going berserk successful the inheritance volition amusement tons of enactment successful the inheritance compared with surface enactment (try disabling inheritance enactment for that app and spot if that helps).
  • You tin spot charging problems (Was the artillery really charging erstwhile you thought it was?).
  • You tin besides spot mediocre artillery show (look for artillery complaint falling rapidly).

5. Check if your artillery needs replacing

Is your iPhone getting connected a bit? 

If it's 4 years oregon older, past the artillery mightiness beryllium getting aged and request replacing. 

Tap connected Settings and caput to Battery > Battery Health & Charging and cheque what the Maximum Capacity of the artillery is listed as. If this is beneath 80% past this could bespeak a worn battery.

6. What astir overheating?

Don't get into a contention to spot however blistery you tin get your iPhone. That's a way that leads to hardware damage. A stressed, blistery artillery is an unhappy battery, and that tin pb to premature deterioration and show issues.

So, if it's overheating, region it from a blistery model and don't support it successful a blistery car. I besides urge temporarily taking it retired of immoderate lawsuit it's in.

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If you came crossed an app that was going berserk successful the inheritance successful measurement four, past you mightiness person recovered your problem. Deleting that app (or reinstalling it) oregon revoking its inheritance refresh privileges (go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh and flip the toggle connected the app successful question) bash the job. Otherwise, the occupation is precise apt an iOS bug. 

7. Wait for the adjacent iOS update

Bugs bash gaffe done the net, and sometimes each you tin bash is hold for Apple to hole the occupation and rotation retired a caller update.

Apple is getting overmuch amended astir fixing issues similar this, though you bash person to hold for the hole and instrumentality a gamble that the caller update does so hole the occupation and not origin much chaos.

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That said, fixed that beauteous overmuch each update Apple rolls retired nowadays is packed with iOS information updates, I urge installing updates, arsenic not doing this tin permission your iPhone susceptible to attack.

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