Benavidez promoter says “lucrative” offer sent to Canelo Alvarez

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CANELO ALVAREZ has been sent a “lucrative” connection to look David Benavidez.

An unfastened missive was sent from Benavidez’ promoter Sampson Lewkowicz to Eddy Reynoso successful effect to caller comments from Canelo’s trainer and manager.

Las period it was reported that Lewkowicz and Reynoso had met 1 different to sermon the imaginable all-Mexican super-middleweight showdown. The erstwhile said helium would nonstop an offer, but the second denied ever receiving one.

The missive from Lewkowicz, which was published connected societal media contiguous (Thursday), said the following:

“Dear Eddy Reynoso,

“Since you person chosen to behaviour our negotiations for David Benavidez to look Saul “Canelo” Alvarez successful nationalist I’m forced to close a fewer mistakes you made successful claiming you haven’t received immoderate offers.

“On Monday May 29 astatine 4:45pm, I emailed you what I’m definite would beryllium 1 of the astir lucrative offers of Canelo Alvarez’s vocation to look Benavidez.

“Please cognize that you bash so person an connection to look Benavidez, a sizeable one, and I indispensable archer you that I’m offended by your assertion that I’m “fantasizing” astir making this combat happen.

“If you are besides incapable to find this unfastened missive and nary 1 tells you astir it, would anyone who knows him delight fto Eddy cognize that I volition nonstop this aforesaid connection immoderate clip for him to pass to Canelo Alvarez.

“All helium needs to bash is supply a moving email address, apparently.


“Sampson Lewkowicz.”

For involvement of clarity Boxing News must adhd that Mr Lewkowicz’ Twitter relationship @SampsonBoxing retweeted the representation of the email posted by @TRUBoxingHeadz. Mr Lewkowicz besides posted the archetypal of the 2 images of said correspondence himself.

Prior to that connected May 31 Eddy Reynoso (@CANELOTEAM) wrote, “For now, the 3 promoters who pb the concern are Matchroom-PBC-Top Rank and nary person sent maine immoderate offers to combat successful September!”

Eleven days earlier Lewkowicz tweeted, “I had the pleasance and grant of sharing a gathering with @CANELOTEAM and Luis De Cuba Jr for the @Canelo Unified Champion Match wherever adjacent week I volition nonstop you an authoritative connection for you to analyse and marque a determination connected your aboriginal challenger @wbcmoro.”

Lewkowicz attached images of him lasting adjacent to Reynoso arsenic impervious of the meet.

Modern time boxing is nary alien to nationalist negotiations wherever the @ awesome is looked astatine arsenic conscionable arsenic almighty arsenic immoderate different signifier of dialogue.

Canelo has publically stated that his perfect hostile for September would beryllium Dmitry Bivol. The world’s champion 168lb combatant wants to avenge his nonaccomplishment from May 2022. He is besides connected grounds insisting that helium wants everything to beryllium the aforesaid arsenic their archetypal bout which means moving backmost up to light-heavyweight to instrumentality connected the Russian.

In the 12 months since his 2nd nonaccomplishment the 32-year-old has beaten Gennadiy Golovkin connected points successful their trilogy combat and past period was taken the region by John Ryder successful Guadalajara.

Benavidez, seen arsenic 1 of the fewer fighters who could supply a 3rd decision connected Canelo’s record, past fought successful March against Caleb Plant. Their grudge lucifer saw Benavidez propulsion distant successful the 2nd fractional of the combat showing signs of his destructive power-punching benignant which has helped him scope a 27-0 (23) record.

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