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$90 astatine Amazon

Aputure MC LED video light

Aputure MC LED video light

Powerful lighting connected a budget

Not excessively agelong ago, photographers utilized to laughter astatine smartphones. A batch has changed implicit the years, however, with galore telephone launches focusing connected the cameras themselves. Now smartphones tin instrumentality awesome photos connected par with adjacent the champion cameras. All you request is immoderate further gear, and you tin beryllium shooting photos that borderline connected professional-grade. 

The iPhone 14 and 14 Pro offer fantabulous features that originative professionals volition enjoy, similar aggregate rear cameras -- including a superwide-angle lens -- that tin seizure unthinkable photos and videos. 

Perhaps the astir notable, however, is the summation of ProRes, which started successful the erstwhile procreation and is disposable connected the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. It enables you to nutrient a acold much professional-looking postproduction look. This means that, now, originative professionals tin incorporated these phones into their productions. 

And sure, you tin simply locomotion extracurricular with your telephone and snag immoderate beautiful footage, but there's a wealthiness of iPhone 14 accessories you tin usage that'll assistance elevate some your videos and photos to caller levels to wow your followers.

Here's our database of the champion cogwheel to brace with your iPhone to springiness your shots a boost. Every iPhone 14 accessory listed present has been tested by america to marque definite it works arsenic good arsenic it's expected to. If it didn't impress, it didn't marque the list. Look nary further if you're aft the champion iPhone filming accessories to instrumentality your skills to the adjacent level. These fantabulous accessories volition marque shooting a breeze. 

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The champion iPhone camera accessories 

There's nary 1 accessory that by itself volition revolutionize your iPhone photography, arsenic antithetic products bring antithetic things to the table. I emotion the Moment Anamorphic lens arsenic it lets you execute a stunning cinematic look with your phone. DJI's telephone gimbal meantime provides superb stableness to get ace smooth-looking shots, portion the Aputure MC LED video airy simply lets you airy up the country you're shooting erstwhile the prima goes down. 

But an LED airy volition bash thing to amended your audio, truthful you'll request to look towards the Rode VideoMicro if dependable prime is important. These items each adhd thing antithetic to your photograph and video accumulation and utilized unneurotic fto you instrumentality your mobile video accumulation to a full caller level. Want immoderate inspiration? Here's my guide for shooting amended video with your phone

SmallRig Mobile Video Cage
Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Camera cages are communal tools that fto you connect a wide assortment of accessories to a DSLR, including lights, microphones, handles and outer monitors. SmallRig's caller mobile cage offers overmuch the aforesaid functionality, but for your iPhone, and with aggregate mounting points astir the borderline to connect immoderate accessories you request similar microphones. 

I've been utilizing the cage with an attached Aperture LED light, PolarPro tripod and Rode microphone (all seen below), which makes for an unthinkable mobile vlogging rig. SmallRig besides offers assorted attachments of its own, including apical and broadside handles, which assistance supply stableness erstwhile you're hand-holding portion filming. The cage is solidly built from aluminum, has bayonet lens mounts (see below), and has a convenient clasp for easy slotting your telephone successful and out. 

Moment Anamorphic lens
Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Anamorphic lenses are usually thing you'd find successful a nonrecreational cinematographer's kit bag. These lenses supply a wider facet ratio that you get successful a wide space lens, on with distinctive blue-line lens flares that springiness footage a overmuch much filmic quality. Moment's mobile anamorphic lens does precisely that for your iPhone.

Clip it connected and it'll compression your footage into the shorter, wide shots format that wholly transforms the look of the video you tin instrumentality from your phone. I've perfectly loved the look of my telephone footage utilizing the lens and it's a must-have for immoderate budding movie producers wanting to up their crippled with their phone. 

You'll request to sprout with apps similar Filmic Pro that fto you "unsqueeze" the footage truthful it doesn't look each distorted connected astir cameras. The lens uses a bayonet equine that attaches to compatible cases, including Moment's ain ones oregon a assortment of third-party options, including the SmallRig cage mentioned above.

Aputure MC LED video light
Andrew Hoyle/CNET

iPhone cameras don't person the top lighting, truthful having a backup airy is ever a bully idea. This USB-C rechargeable video airy is packed with LED lights and is tiny capable to acceptable into the thenar of your manus but puts retired a immense magnitude of airy erstwhile you're abbreviated of due lighting.

It's large for lighting up your subjects, whether that's for portraits, merchandise photography oregon macro oregon to airy up yourself if you're vlogging astatine night. The powerfulness output is easy adjustable, arsenic is the colour somesthesia of the light. 

It besides has a assortment of originative airy effects to spice up your production, including simulations of fireworks, lightning, a flickering fireplace oregon the flashing reddish and bluish of constabulary car lights.

DJI Om 5 gimbal
Andrew Hoyle/CNET

The iPhone 14's built-in representation stabilization is already superb, but for an adjacent smoother ride, see utilizing a dedicated gimbal similar DJI's OM 5. It evens retired each but the astir assertive movements, allowing you to get creaseless tracking footage of you moving down your taxable arsenic you movie a pursuit scene. 

It besides has a built-in extendable selfie stick, which not lone makes it large for YouTube vloggers, but besides allows for much originative angles by holding it up higher, oregon adjacent flipping it implicit and having the camera tally adjacent to the crushed oregon done grasses.

Rode VideoMicro microphone
Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Recording bully audio for your vlogs oregon your adjacent iPhone-based abbreviated movie is crucial, and portion the iPhone does a decent occupation of capturing audio, a dedicated microphone volition instrumentality things to the adjacent level. Rode's VideoMicro shotgun mic tin plug into your phone's Lightning larboard (via an adapter) and provides crystal-clear audio erstwhile signaling with the modular iPhone camera app oregon immoderate third-party video app, making it 1 of the champion iPhone camera accessories connected the market. 

I emotion utilizing it connected apical of my telephone for vlogging and the included upwind shield is superb for cutting retired upwind sound erstwhile moving connected location. Alternatively, get a 3.5mm hold cablegram and you tin effort utilizing the mic connected the extremity of a roar rod for signaling audio successful a speech you're filming.

It's a large concern if you're looking for a directional microphone.

Profoto B10
Andrew Hoyle/CNET

At $1,349, manufacture goliath Profoto's B10 workplace flash volition beryllium small much than a tube imagination for most. But if you privation to get genuinely nonrecreational lighting connected determination oregon successful a workplace utilizing your iPhone, the B10 is 2nd is 1 of the champion iPhone camera accessories. . This pro flash is designed chiefly for usage with DSLRs but tin besides beryllium utilized with iPhones and Android phones via the Profoto app. If you're acceptable to instrumentality your smartphone photography to the adjacent level, it allows you to get shots with your telephone that would simply not beryllium imaginable to execute without it. 

Sure, astir pros astir apt wouldn't see shooting a large task connected conscionable their phone, but it's a perchance large backup successful lawsuit of camera failure, oregon simply a lightweight and convenient mode to trial ideas successful the tract without hauling bags of cogwheel around.

It besides comes with a carrying lawsuit that volition support it from different elements. Its rechargeable artillery provides a artillery beingness that tin supply much than 400 afloat flashes.

Moment MagSafe tripod
Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Rather than usage screw clamps to unafraid your telephone successful place, Moment's tripod equine uses Apple's MagSafe system, which makes it incredibly speedy to popular your telephone successful spot and commencement shooting. When you're done, conscionable rip your telephone distant from the magnetic disk and popular it backmost successful your pocket. Easy!

The minimalist attack to the mount's plan makes it highly compact truthful it's nary hassle to ever transportation it with you for erstwhile inspiration strikes. The magnets are strong, too, truthful you don't request to interest astir your telephone popping escaped portion you're walking along. It's disposable arsenic a equine by itself, oregon with the cold-shoe bracket (pictured) to connect a microphone erstwhile vlogging.

PolarPro Apex Minimalist tripod
Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Having a coagulated tripod tin marque each the quality successful getting stable, wobble-free video, peculiarly if you privation to enactment yourself successful the frame. PolarPro's Apex Minimalist tripod is simply a large enactment for mobile producers, arsenic its compact size means it's casual to chuck into a backpack, but it's burly capable to enactment bigger cameras should you request to. 

I emotion utilizing it for static shots, and for holding my telephone up to sprout vlogs portion walking around. It comes either with an integrated twist-locking shot head, oregon arsenic the tripod legs only. I similar the second arsenic it allows maine to usage my ain compact shot heads, which are much unchangeable with heavier loads.

How we trial iPhones

We trial phones successful real-world scenarios, looking astatine the show of the processor, artillery and cameras, and justice however each exemplary compares to its competition. We instrumentality worth into account, arsenic good arsenic other features similar storage, connectivity, bundle additions and thing other that volition marque a existent quality to your beingness with the product. 

Accessories similar the ones seen successful this database are treated successful precisely the aforesaid way; they're enactment to real-world usage some indoors and outside, evaluating however good they execute and whether they're worthy the money. Everything that's featured present has been tested by our ain just hands and if it didn't impress, it didn't marque the list. 

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