BISP to open bank accounts for women, NA panel told

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The National Assembly Standing Committee connected Poverty Alleviation and Social Security was apprised by the Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) officials that they were launching a aviator task for organisation of outgo done opening slope accounts for women beneficiaries successful 3 districts.

"Our communal pistillate is illiterate and poor. When she goes to cod money, determination are agents lasting determination who inquire for wealth from these women and bribes are taken from mediocre people," PPPP MNA Shagufta Jumani told the lasting committee.

The gathering was held nether the chairmanship of MNA Saira Bano.
Shagufta said that BISP was a bully task and well-recognised. “The mediocre are not getting the wealth they should get, and determination are galore radical who are missing retired connected the assistance,” she added.

“Those beneficiaries who were getting wealth earlier person present stopped getting it, and galore flood-affected areas inactive person lasting water,” she said. “They bash not person a location and not adjacent a azygous penny of the Benazir Income Support Programme has reached them,” she added.

The mediate people had besides been severely affected by the floods, she said, wondering what measures were being taken for the middle-class conception not availing BISP assistance owed to self-esteem.

BISP Secretary Yusuf Khan apprised the lasting committee that 500 motorcycle riders were being hired astatine the Union Council level.

“Motorcycle riders volition spell doorway to door. This work is being started from Balochistan,” helium added.

"We realise that for galore women it is hard to adjacent get to the offices," helium remarked. "Trucks volition beryllium deployed successful Balochistan wherever each NADRA facilities volition beryllium available.

"We judge that determination is simply a deduction and the women receiving the assistance did not get the afloat magnitude arsenic agents marque deductions. Now, slope accounts are being opened for women nether the caller outgo method," the authoritative remarked.

The banks would commencement opening accounts successful 3 districts successful April, helium said, adding that it was expected that astir of the beneficiaries would unfastened their accounts successful the adjacent 5 years.

He informed the committee that the Sindh authorities had started distributing Rs8.4 cardinal funds among the needy successful the province.

Committee subordinate Syed Abrar Ali Shah said that flood h2o was inactive lasting successful his house.

In the meeting, committee subordinate Syed Mehmood Shah said that the quality was circulating that the goods received arsenic assistance from Turkey were sent backmost to them.

Bano said that this happened present astatine weddings erstwhile the formal and different gifts were kept by mediocre families truthful that they could usage them for the adjacent wedding.
Syed Mehmood Shah said that a renowned anchor told this connected TV.

Bano said that nowadays, lone renowned anchor persons talk wrongly.
The NDMA subordinate said that they conducted an enquiry into the matter.

“The accusation is false,” helium said, adding that determination was nary incidental of sending the assistance backmost to Turkey.

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