Blackpink's Jisoo makes solo debut with 'ME'

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K-pop radical Blackpink's Jisoo became the past subordinate to marque a solo debut with her EP ME released connected Friday. Having debuted successful 2016, Blackpink has go 1 of the biggest miss groups successful the world, breaking records specified arsenic having the astir subscribers connected YouTube arsenic an artist.

Local media reported this week that the radical would enactment connected a associated show with popular prima Lady Gaga astatine a authorities meal U.S. President Joe Biden volition big for South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol successful precocious April. YG Entertainment (122870.KQ), Blackpink's agency, said it was reviewing the offer, though the statesmanlike bureau denied the reports connected Friday.

"We person our concerts and Coachella successful April arsenic a group. We person large things coming up." Jisoo told fans successful an online quality conference. Many meetings and a batch of thought went into her archetypal record, she said, earlier adding that she was not tense astir her solo debut.

Jennie, different subordinate of Blackpink, released her archetypal solo enactment successful 2018. Rose and Lisa besides made their solo debut successful 2021. The radical embarked connected a satellite tour Born Pink in Seoul successful October which is scheduled to proceed until June.

YG Entertainment said pre-orders for Jisoo's debut medium surpassed 1.31 cardinal copies arsenic of Thursday. Earlier this month, the K-pop superstars besides became the most-streamed pistillate set connected streaming app Spotify, according to Guinness World Records. Their songs had a whopping 8,880,030,049 idiosyncratic streams, overtaking British popular radical Little Mix, Guinness World Records said astatine that time.

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