BMW Won't Make a New Z4 M Because the Math Ain't Mathin'

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A reddish  2006 BMW Z4 M Roadster.

Photo: BMW

It’s been a agelong clip since BMW offered up a real M-variant of its purest sports car – the Z4 – and, unfortunately, it looks similar those of america who privation 1 are going to person to conscionable support connected waiting. The Z4 M was archetypal introduced with the facelifted E85 Z4 each the mode backmost successful 2006. It stuck astir for lone 3 exemplary years aft some the coupe and roadster were phased retired with the remainder of the first-generation Z4.

Since then, two much iterations of Z4 person travel out, but nary of them person decently carried the M name. Its lack near a spread successful BMW’s lineup and my bosom ever since, and it doesn’t look similar that spread volition get filled anytime soon.

Speaking with BMW Blog, Michael Wimbeck, the caput of the Z4 project, said that adjacent though BMW did “carefully and genuinely” see a Z4 M, it conscionable isn’t going to happen. Even engineers reportedly wanted to spot a G29 Z4 M travel to fruition, but that wasn’t enough.

The crushed for the no-go is simply a beauteous evident one. The automaker crunched the numbers and rather simply, the mathematics ain’t mathin’. BMW is simply a concern aft all, and it astir apt is close successful reasoning that if it built a caller Z4 M nary 1 would bargain it. It’s a damn shame, I’ll archer you.

I mean, however hard could a Z4 M adjacent beryllium to make? Yeah, I cognize it would beryllium incredibly hard and expensive, but delight indulge me. The regular Z4 already shares immoderate M-underpinnings successful its suspension. All you gotta bash is ditch the M40i’s 3.0-liter B58 inline-six and driblet successful the S58 from BMW’s different M cars. It could virtually beryllium a amended BMW M2, and I’ll archer you why. It’s due to the fact that the extortion comes down, and everyone knows (please bash not disagree with me) that convertibles marque for amended sports cars.

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There whitethorn beryllium immoderate bully quality though. BMW Blog says BMW is seemingly considering adding a manual enactment to the Z4, and it makes consciousness present that the Supra has the enactment arsenic well. Is it the Z4 M we (I) truly want? Certainly not, but arsenic acold arsenic consolation prizes spell it’s not excessively shabby.

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