Body Of Missing Florida Toddler Found In Alligator’s Jaws After Search

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ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (AP) — The assemblage of a 2-year-old Florida lad who had been the taxable of a frantic hunt aft his parent was slain was recovered Friday successful a water successful the jaws of an alligator, constabulary said.

St. Petersburg Police Chief Anthony Holloway besides said the boy’s father, 21-year-old Thomas Mosley, volition beryllium charged with 2 counts of first-degree execution successful the sidesplitting of the boy’s mother, 20-year-old Pashun Jeffery, and their young lad Taylen Mosley.

Searchers, including dive teams and officers utilizing drones, had been intensely looking for the lad since his mother’s assemblage was discovered successful their flat earlier this week and helium was obscurity to beryllium found.

“We are atrocious it has had to extremity this way,” Holloway said during a Friday nighttime quality conference.

Taylen Mosley, pictured, had been the taxable  of a frantic hunt  aft  his parent  was recovered  slain.
Taylen Mosley, pictured, had been the taxable of a frantic hunt aft his parent was recovered slain.

Officers searching for the toddler astatine a water a fewer miles from the flat analyzable noticed an alligator “with an entity successful its mouth” that they rapidly realized was a child’s body, Holloway said.

They fired shots astatine the reptile, which dropped the body.

“We were capable to retrieve Taylen’s assemblage intact,” the main said. The alligator was euthanized.

Thomas Mosley is hospitalized with cuts connected his hands and arms and has refused to speech to investigators, Holloway said. He does not yet person a lawyer to talk connected his behalf.

“The begetter is not talking to us,” helium added.

Jeffery, who worked astatine a CVS store, and her lad were past seen by household members astir 5:20 p.m. Wednesday. Police person said astir 8:30 p.m. neighbors heard a large commotion adjacent their flat but constabulary were not called.

The adjacent day, Jeffery’s parent contacted the flat analyzable spot manager aft not proceeding from her daughter. That’s erstwhile they recovered her dormant successful what Holloway described arsenic “a precise convulsive transgression scene” successful which Jeffery had been stabbed galore times.

Police person not revealed however Taylen Mosley was killed oregon whether the alligator played immoderate relation successful that.

Thomas Mosley went to his mother’s location astir 9 p.m. Wednesday with the cuts connected his arms and hands, Holloway said, and past admitted himself to a section hospital, wherever helium remained Friday night.

Family members said Jeffery and Taylen had conscionable moved into the flat analyzable astir a period ago.


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