Boxing results: Fabio Wardley Stops Coffie In The Fourth, Wins WBA Continental Heavyweight Title

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By Vince D’Writer: The co-main lawsuit of the Anthony Joshua vs. Jermaine Franklin paper featured a rising heavyweight prospect, arsenic the reigning undefeated British heavyweight champion Fabio Wardley stopped Michael Polite Coffie (13-4, 10 KOs) successful the 4th circular and won the vacant WBA Continental heavyweight title.

Fabio Wardley made his boxing debut backmost successful April 2017 erstwhile helium scored a determination triumph against Jakub Wojcicki. Going into his combat with Coffie, Wardley scored 14 consecutive stoppage victories since his debut.

Michael Polite Coffie started his nonrecreational vocation with 12 consecutive victories. In July 2021, Coffie would endure his archetypal of what would crook retired to beryllium back-to-back losses against Jonnie Rice, and helium proceeded to tally a triumph and a nonaccomplishment successful his adjacent 2 bouts.

Live connected DAZN astatine the 02 Arena successful London, England, Fabio Wardley was acceptable to clash with Michael Polite Coffie. In the archetypal round, Wardley came retired feinting and jabbing to his opponent’s caput and body. Coffie was precise economical with his punch output, but helium was capable to onshore a near hook that caused Wardley’s chemoreceptor to bleed.

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In the 2nd round, Wardley was pressing forward, establishing his jab, portion Coffie was contented successful staying successful a antiaircraft posture and waiting for an accidental to deed Wardley with a antagonistic shot. That accidental came astatine the midway constituent of the circular arsenic Coffie landed different near hook.

After 2 rounds of action, Wardley was the busier and much assertive fighter, but Coffie was capable to onshore immoderate close countershots. During the 3rd round, Michael Polite Coffie looked coagulated arsenic helium was capable to proceed having occurrence landing the near hook.

In the 4th round, Wardley instantly got into scope to onshore a large close hand. As Coffie leaned against the ropes, Wardley unloaded a flurry of punches. Coffie was capable to rotation with immoderate of the punches, but arsenic Wardley continued the violative attack, the referee stepped successful and enactment a halt to the contest.

It seemed similar it was a premature stoppage, but the referee’s determination tin beryllium justified owed to the information that portion helium was pinned against the ropes, Coffie didn’t effort to instrumentality fire. Coffie was upset astir the stoppage, but helium made a captious mistake erstwhile helium had his backmost connected the ropes, and helium wasn’t throwing immoderate punches.

Fabio Wardley (16-0, 15 KOs) is taking gradual steps successful his vocation arsenic helium continues to physique his profile. His fanbase successful the UK is steadily growing, and he’s being groomed to beryllium the adjacent heavyweight boxer from the UK to beryllium a satellite rubric contender.

By defeating Coffie and winning the WBA Continental belt, Fabio Wardley volition determination up successful the rankings. However, for the contiguous future, Wardley’s absorption volition astir apt enactment connected the home level arsenic it’s precise imaginable his adjacent combat volition beryllium against his rival Frazer Clarke.

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