Boxing results: Robeisy Ramirez Defeats Isaac “Royal Storm” Dogboe!

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By Ken Hissner: At the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Tulsa, OK, Saturday implicit ESPN+ Bob Arum (Top Rank) presented successful the Main Event 2-time Olympic Gold Medalist, IBF USBA and WBO Global Featherweight champion and No. 2 ranked Robeisy Ramirez defeated erstwhile WBO Super Bantamweight champion and No. 1 ranked Isaac “Royal Storm” Dogboe for the vacant WBO Featherweight title.

In the Main Event 2-Time Olympic Gold Medalist, IBF USBA and WBO Global Feather champ southpaw Robeisy Ramirez, 12-1 (7), #125.6, of Cuba and Gulfport, FL, defeated erstwhile WBO Super Bantam champ Isaac “Royal Storm” Dogboe, 24-3 (15), #124.6, of Accra, GH and Temple Hills, MD, 12 rounds for the vacant WBO World Feather title.
In the archetypal circular Ramirez utilized near uppercuts to the assemblage of Dogboe who fought connected spurts. In the 2nd circular midway constituent Ramirez landed a 4-punch operation having Dogboe wounded and grabbing him into a clinch. He managed to combat backmost successful the last minute. In the 3rd circular Ramirez retired landed Dogboe until the last seconds erstwhile Dogboe landed the last punches.
In the 4th circular Dogboe started accelerated landing rights portion Ramirez successful the 2nd fractional of the circular utilized his near uppercuts. In the 5th circular Dogboe pressed Ramirez who countered good successful a adjacent round. In the sixth circular Dogboe again starts disconnected accelerated earlier Ramirez takes over.
In the seventh circular Dogboe did good capable to instrumentality the circular retired landing Ramirez. In the eighth circular Dogbe throws much but lands less. In the ninth circular Ramirez had his champion circular landing with accuracy countering Dogboe astir astatine will.
In the tenth circular Ramirez positions himself to outland Dogboe who is trying but not with accuracy of Ramirez. In the eleventh circular Dogboe had a amended circular having a flimsy edge. In the twelfth and last circular aboriginal a near glancing uppercut from Ramirez connected the chin of Dogboe and down helium went of an 8-count from Referee Gary Ritter. He tried to erase it but couldn’t arsenic Ramirez showed each the skills of a champion to the bell.
Scores were 117-110, 118-109 and 119-108 with 117-110 from this writer.
In the co-feature Feather Joet Gonzalez, 26-3 (15), #126.2, of L.A., CA, defeated Enrique “El Ejecutor” Vivas, 22-3 (11), #126.2, of MEX and Montebello, CA, implicit 10 rounds successful a war!
In the archetypal circular some went to the assemblage for the full circular with small to take betwixt them but Vivas having an edge. In the 2nd and 3rd rounds the enactment continued with Gonzales retired scoring Vivas. In the 4th circular with his backmost to the ropes Gonzalez retired landed Vivas for the astir part. In the 5th circular Vivas kept up the gait keeping Gonzalez against the ropes.
In the sixth circular Vivas mislaid his mouthpiece for the 2nd time. Gonzalez takes a adjacent circular of action. In the seventh circular Vivas came backmost to instrumentality the circular keeping Gonzalez against the ropes countering with uppercuts.
In the eighth and ninth rounds the non-stop enactment kept going with Gonzalez taking a adjacent circular with the close broadside of the look of Vivas swelling badly. In the tenth and last circular Gonzalez continued landing much punches than a crippled Vivas. Referee was Mark Nelson.
Scores were 99-91, 98-92 doubly with 97-93 this writer.
Welter Jahi Tucker, 10-0 (5), #151.8, of Brooklyn and Deer Park, NY, defeated Nikoloz “The Experiment” Sekhniashvili, 8-2 (6), #150.2, of Gori, GEO, implicit 8 coagulated rounds.
In the archetypal circular Sekhniashvili wounded Tucker and controlled up until the last 30 seconds erstwhile Tucker came back. In the 2nd circular Tucker had his mode for the astir portion with pin constituent accuracy. In the 3rd circular Tucker continued having his way. In the 4th circular Tucker mislaid a constituent for hitting connected the interruption from Referee Gerald Ritter.
In the 5th circular Tucker had a large circular until warned by Referee Ritter for hitting connected break. In the sixth circular Tucker chopped the near eyebrow of Sekhniashvili with a near hook. In the seventh circular Tucker picked Sekhniashvili apart. In the eighth and last circular Tucker continued retired boxing Sekhniashvili.
Scores were each 77-74 arsenic was this writers.
Olympian Super Light Delante “El Tigre” Johnson, 8-0 (5), #142.8, of Cleveland, OH, defeated Alfonso Olvera, 12-8-3 (4), #142.8, of Tucson, AZ, implicit 8 coagulated rounds.
In the archetypal circular Johnson controlled until a infinitesimal remaining and got deed by an overhand close connected the chin from Olvera rocking him. In the 2nd circular Olvera again had an borderline backing up Johnson. In the 3rd done the 5th rounds Johnson came backmost good with his jab keeping Olvera astatine the extremity of it for each round.
A infinitesimal into the sixth circular a close from Johnson connected the chin of Olvera enactment him into a squat astir down. Johnson controlled with his jab the remainder of the mode arsenic Olvera kept throwing wide rights. In the seventh circular Johnson continued keeping the jab successful the look arsenic Olvera kept coming forward. In the eighth and last circular Johnson took his sixth consecutive circular aft a dilatory start. Referee was Mark Nelson.
Scores were each 80-72 with 78-74 by this writer.
Super Light Rohan “Lightning fast” Polanco, 9-0 (5), #142.4, of Santo Domingo, DR, pitched a shutout implicit Ricardo “Conejo” Quiroz, 12-2 (6), #142.6, of Oxnard, CA, implicit 6 rounds.
In the archetypal 3 rounds Polanco kept the unit connected Quiroz taking each 3 rounds. In the 5th circular Polanco utilized coagulated assemblage enactment driving Quiroz each implicit the round. In the sixth and last rounds ending archetypal infinitesimal Quiroz landed a operation that brought humor from the rima of Polanco. Polanco tried his champion to get a knockout with nary success. Referee Gerald Ritter.
Scores were 60-54 by each judges and this writer.
Heavy Jeremiah ‘DreamLand’ Milton, 9-0 (6), #255.8, of Las Vegas, NV, defeated Fabio Caipira de Aco” Maldonado, 29-7 (28), #215.8, of Sorocaba, Sao Pauo, BRZ, implicit 8 rounds.
In the archetypal 2 rounds Milton dominated with his jab against 43 year-old Maldonado. In the 3rd circular Maldonado came successful with his caput clashing with Milton’s causing a tiny chopped connected the close eyebrow of Milton. In the 4th circular Milton continued to power the combat arsenic Maldonado tries his MMA tactics.
In the sixth circular Referee Gerald Ritter took a constituent from Maldonado for utilizing his head. In the seventh circular determination was much holding than warring arsenic Maldonado is successful endurance mode. In the eighth and last circular again Maldonado mislaid a constituent this clip for holding. Milton tried but couldn’t halt Maldonado.
Scores were 78-72 and 80-72 doubly arsenic was this writers.
Light southpaw Abdullah Mason, 7-0 (6), #135.2, of Cleveland, OH, stopped Erik “Aidahoe” Garcia Benitez, 4-4 (1), #135.4, of Guadalajara, Jalisco, MEX, astatine 1:32 of the archetypal circular of a 6.
In the archetypal rounds midway constituent Benitez was throwing a wide close erstwhile helium was countered by a close transverse from southpaw Mason and down went Benitez for an 8-count by Referee Mark Nelson who waved it off.
Light Heavy Dante Benjamin, Jr., 6-0 (4), #175, of Cleveland, OH, stopped Jaspar McCargo, 4-4-2 (2), #177.4, of Richmond, CA, astatine 2:58 of the 2nd circular of a 6.
In the archetypal circular a close uppercut from Benjamin and down went McCargo for an 8-count from Referee Gerald Ritter. In the 2nd circular Benjamin scores 4 knockdowns earlier Referee Ritter yet stopped it.
Light Emiliano Fernando Vargas, 4-0 (3), #133, of Las Vegas, NV, stopped Edgar Uvalle, 2-4-2 (2), #132.2, of Des Moines, IA, astatine 1:21 of circular 2 of a 4.
In the archetypal rounds halfway constituent Vargas landed a near hook to the chin astir dropping Uvalle who did his champion warring back. Vargas the lad of erstwhile satellite champion Fernando Vargas who is successful his country tried for a knockout up to the bell. In the 2nd circular Vargas landed a 4 punch operation aft a informing of a debased stroke from Referee Gary Ritter dropping Uvalle connected his knees for the afloat count.

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