Breakup-Themed Donation Pop-ups - Bumble Launches 'Ex-Boxes' Pop-ups for a Fresh Start (

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Bumble, the women-first dating and societal networking app, is introducing 'Ex-Boxes' pop-up spaces crossed the country, providing a unsocial solution for users looking to declutter their lives from their ex's belongings and commencement anew.

These 5,000 quadrate ft pop-ups are acceptable to unfastened adjacent period successful New York, Austin, and Los Angeles, with plans for planetary enlargement aboriginal successful the year. The Ex-Boxes volition judge a wide scope of items, including clothes, shoes, photos, emotion letters, and adjacent unused miles and aboriginal meal reservations.

A caller Bumble survey revealed that 98% of respondents wished they had a spot to dispose of their ex-partner's belongings, portion 99% agreed that retaining these items prevented them from moving on. These pop-up spaces purpose to assistance users clasp a caller commencement connected their dating journey.

All items collected volition beryllium donated oregon recycled successful the ex's name, offering a sustainable and empowering solution for Bumble users to fto spell of the past.

Image Credit: Bumble

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