Britain's Wood will face Lara in Manchester rematch

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Mauricio Lara faces disconnected  with Leigh Wood successful  the ringMauricio Lara (left) stripped Leigh Wood of his WBA rubric successful February

Britain's Leigh Wood volition combat Mauricio Lara successful a rematch for the WBA featherweight rubric astatine Manchester Arena connected 27 May.

Wood, 34, had a rematch clause with the Mexican and volition purpose to reclaim the rubric helium won successful 2021.

Manchester combatant Jack Catterall is besides successful enactment successful his archetypal combat nether the Matchroom banner.

Lara was losing the archetypal combat earlier delivering a brutal near hook successful the seventh circular that floored his opponent.

Wood vowed to support his caput successful the rematch, and not autumn foul of the big-punching 25-year-old again.

"I had him beat, helium was moving retired of ideas and gassing," Wood said.

"I got a small excessively carried distant and thought helium was acceptable to spell - and helium wasn't. I swapped shots with him, held my feet and paid the price.

"I got up mode excessively accelerated and inactive had plentifulness of time.

"I should person composed myself, looked astatine that ref to amusement him I was each close and taken a enactment earlier past lasting up. But it's each experience."

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