Canyon-Based Cedar Homes - Sparano + Mooney Design the Wabi Sabi Residence in Utah (

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Sparano + Mooney Architecture designs the caller Wabi Sabi residence that is located successful Salt Lake City, Utah. It is designed with a cantilevered envelope successful 2 forms implicit with blackened cedar implicit a canyon. It was completed 2 years agone and sits connected apical of a nine-acre batch connected the Wasatch Range.

There are 3 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms that instrumentality implicit 2 volumes. It invites agleam earthy airy with the floor-to-ceiling glaze ends overlooking the beauteous landscapes. The workplace speaks astir the design, noting that "We wanted to interaction lightly connected the site, truthful the location cantilevers implicit the site, is grounded astatine the entrance, and past floats implicit the scenery arsenic you determination done the home. his projection helped america to minimize the interaction connected this earthy tract and trim excavation."

Image Credit: Sparano + Mooney Architecture

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