Cardamom Spiced Cold Brews - The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Added a New Cardamom Cold Brew for Spring (

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The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is kicking disconnected outpouring with the motorboat of 2 breathtaking caller beverages: the caller Cardamom Cold Brew and the Mango Ice Blended.

Cardamom is simply a lukewarm and fragrant spice that's akin successful spirit to spices similar nutmeg, cinnamon, and allspice. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's caller Cardamom Cold Brew takes the brand's signature acold brew and infuses it with a brand-new cardamom syrup that adds "warm, subtly saccharine spice notes with hints of citrus." To footwear the portion up different notch, consumers tin apical their acold brew with a pick cap.

On the different hand, the Mango Ice Blended is simply a saccharine slushie portion with a bold, yet refreshing mango flavor.

Image Credit: The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

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