Cardiff riot: Ely police relations often tense - Drakeford

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Cars were acceptable connected occurrence during Monday night's riot successful Cardiff

By James Williams

BBC Politics Wales

The narration betwixt constabulary and residents successful Ely successful Cardiff is "too often tense and anxious", First Minister Mark Drakeford has said.

Some privation a South Wales Police crackdown connected atrocious behaviour, but others backmost a antithetic approach, helium said.

Mr Drakeford, whose Cardiff West constituency includes Ely, spoke aft Kyrees Sullivan, 16, and Harvey Evans, 15, were killed successful a clang connected Monday.

It sparked a riot which led to 9 arrests and 15 officers injured.

Mr Drakeford arranged a gathering of assemblage representatives, nationalist agencies and councillors to sermon enactment for Ely connected Friday.

He said they agreed to "jointly sponsor a grassroots-led inaugural to make a assemblage program for Ely, to respond to the semipermanent needs of residents".

Mr Drakeford said the authorities wanted to enactment the residents of Ely who "are truthful bittersweet and disappointed to find the estimation of the country being affected successful this mode the estimation of the country being affected successful this mode again".

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Harvey Evans, 15, and Kyrees Sullivan, 16, died successful a motorcycle clang connected Monday

"The cloth of immoderate of our communities crossed Wales has suffered present for implicit 10 years - rebuilding that is simply a occupation that volition instrumentality not conscionable a fewer years, but galore years," helium said successful an interrogation with BBC Politics Wales pursuing the meeting.

Asked astir the narration betwixt constabulary and residents, Mr Drakeford said it was "too often tense, excessively often anxious, excessively often disquieted that the constabulary don't person the resources they request successful bid to respond to those issues of criminality oregon a disaffection that we spot connected the estate".

Pushed arsenic to whether determination was an contented with constabulary behaviour successful the community, helium replied: "Policing is simply a precise challenging job. I'm not going to marque casual criticisms of the police.

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Nine radical were arrested and 15 officers injured pursuing the Ely riot

"On the 1 hand, determination volition beryllium radical connected the property who consciousness that the constabulary request to respond much straight and to ace down connected immoderate of the behaviour that is seen there.

"And connected the different hand, determination volition beryllium radical who expect the constabulary to beryllium a solution to the issues that thrust young radical and others into behaviour that causes trouble for different residents," helium added.

The 2 boys died successful clang connected Snowden Road, Ely, connected Monday evening. Word past dispersed connected societal media that a constabulary van had been pursuing them earlier the crash.

South Wales Police and Crime Commissioner Alun Michael initially said officers had not "chased" the 2 boys.

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Watch: What the CCTV tells america astir teens' last moments

CCTV recordings past emerged showing a constabulary van had been pursuing the boys earlier the fatal crash.

But the unit has declined to reply further questions, citing an ongoing probe by Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC).

Cardiff West Labour MP Kevin Brennan has questioned whether Mr Michael was the "right person" to pass to the nationalist "in these circumstances", successful an interrogation connected the BBC's Walescast podcast.

Mr Drakeford told Politics Wales said the commissioner's comments "added a furniture of complexity into it, but it is hardly the cardinal issue".

He said: "The cardinal contented present is everything that happened connected the nighttime and a forensic introspection of that and past the enactment that we person started contiguous to look down those events, the underlying deeper causes, the things that substance to the antithetic communities that unrecorded successful Ely and what we tin bash to code those together."

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Mark Drakeford says Alun Michael's comments astir the deaths are not the cardinal issue

Speaking earlier connected Radio Wales' Sunday Supplement, Mr Michael said: "The IOPC is undertaking nonstop investigation, speaking to the assemblage and gathering grounds successful Ely, which means we can't speech astir it."

But helium went connected to accidental that "in the past fewer days, I tin accidental that constabulary officers have, successful immoderate cases, been insulted, attacked by members of the section community".

"Also, galore members of the section assemblage person thanked the constabulary for the bravery with which the constabulary dealt with the incidents past Monday nighttime and protected the public.

"It's besides the lawsuit that, connected the 1 hand, you person immoderate who dislike the activities of the constabulary and others who accidental the constabulary ought to beryllium doing more," helium added.

Police said, successful a erstwhile statement, that it "cannot remark immoderate further" owed to ongoing investigations by the unit and the IOPC.

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