Carnivorous Rib-Topped Burgers - TGI Fridays' Blazin’ Burger Bundle Features a Rib-Skewered Burger (

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TGI Fridays is looking to cure your adjacent lawsuit of the munchies with a caller online-only Munchies Menu that includes the caller Blazin’ Burger Bundle and a Blazed & Glazed Chicken Slammer Bundle.

Perfect for nutrient lovers, the caller Blazin’ Burger Bundle features a Whisky-Glazed Blaze Burger made with a caller beef patty, cheddar cheese, spicy aioli, bacon, tomato, pickled jalapeños, onions, and Whiskey-Glaze Blaze connected a lightly toasted bun. The full burger is past skewered with 2 bone-cut Whiskey-Glaze Blazed ribs connected apical and served with a broadside of loaded food fries. On the different hand, the caller Blazed & Glazed Chicken Slammer Bundle features 3 chickenhearted fingers tossed successful Whiskey-Glaze Blaze, spicy aioli, and sesame seasoning, each served connected mini buns. This bundle besides comes with a broadside of loaded food fries.

Both of the caller bundles are disposable exclusively done the TGI Fridays app and online.

Image Credit: TGI Fridays

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