Celebrate With a Well-Timed Free Cone From Ben & Jerry’s

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Ben & Jerry's crystal  pick  cone

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Monday, April 3 volition people the 45th twelvemonth since Ben & Jerry’s started giving escaped crystal cream for their “Free Cone Day” celebration. A contented that began the aforesaid twelvemonth radical archetypal started walking the streets with Walkmans is coming backmost aft a four-year hiatus during COVID-19, according to Today. Here is what you request to know.

Are the crystal pick cones truly free?

The crystal pick will, indeed, beryllium free. There are nary strings attached oregon backdoor tricks to get you to motion up for a rewards program. Just cognize that immoderate add-ons, similar toppings oregon waffle oregon dipped cones, are extra. The motive down the time is to “celebrate their archetypal twelvemonth successful concern and convey the section assemblage for their support,” according to the company’s press release.

The large quality for crystal pick fans is that determination is nary bounds to however galore times you tin get successful enactment to person the escaped cones (or a cup, if that’s your style)—if you person the clip and patience to marque the enactment much than once, that is. (The lines tin get beauteous long successful immoderate locations.) 

Ben & Jerry’s website says the escaped cones volition beryllium served from noon to 8 p.m., truthful marque definite to get determination aboriginal if you deliberation your section store volition get packed. According to the Krazy Coupon Lady, immoderate locations mightiness person groups raising wealth and giving front-of-the-line passes.

You tin get immoderate spirit that is available. If you’re racked with indecision, you tin instrumentality this ice pick property quiz that volition urge a spirit for you. Otherwise, present is simply a list of each of Ben & Jerry’s flavors—just cognize that your section store mightiness not beryllium carrying them all.

How tin I find participating Ben & Jerry’s?

You tin usage this map to benignant your determination and spot each the Ben & Jerry’s adjacent you. Since this is simply a world-wide event, if you hap to beryllium speechmaking this from extracurricular the U.S., the representation volition besides amusement you planetary locations wherever you tin get your escaped cones.

Although astir stores volition beryllium participating, Ben & Jerry’s recommends you double-check with your section store to marque sure.

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