China's Huawei partners with more automakers to produce Aito EVs

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China's Huawei Technologies is partnering with much bequest automakers to nutrient Aito-branded electrical cars, the company's elder enforcement said connected Saturday, successful a determination to grow its beingness successful the car industry.

Huawei volition squad up with Chery Automobile, BAIC Motor and Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Group in jointly processing and manufacturing Aito-branded vehicles, Richard Yu, Huawei's Smart Car CEO, said astatine the China EV 100 forum successful Beijing.

Huawei, which has already a concern with Seres Group (601127.SS) to marque Aito cars, plans a bid of models including SUVs, sedans and multipurpose vehicles nether the Aito brand, Yu added.

"We'd similar to afloat usage the automakers' resources of accumulation capacity," Yu said.

Seres sold a full of 80,000 Aito cars featuring Huawei's HarmonyOS strategy - developed by the institution arsenic an alternate to Android - successful 2022, up much than six times from a twelvemonth ago, according to institution filings.

Huawei's Chairman Eric Xu reiterated astatine a property league connected Friday that the institution doesn't marque cars connected its ain but lone helps different automakers marque amended vehicles.

Huawei has been deed by a bid of export controls by Washington which says it is simply a information risk, which the institution denies. The sanctions person blocked Huawei from buying cardinal components arsenic good arsenic from utilizing Google's Android operating system.

The sanctions person besides affected Huawei's partnerships with planetary automakers, who person fixed up utilizing Huawei's conveyance connectivity technologies successful the past 2 years, Yu said connected Saturday.

Tension with the US saw Meng detained for 3 years successful Canada implicit alleged efforts to screen up attempts by Huawei-linked companies to merchantability instrumentality to Iran successful breach of U.S. sanctions.

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