Hayes, connected Friday, went done a compilation of clips from Fox News hosts’ reactions to a Manhattan expansive jury’s indictment of the erstwhile president for his relation successful a hush wealth payment.

The compilation included Jesse Waters’ instrumentality that the indictment “lights a fire” nether the country, Jason Whitlock’s telephone to get “ready for whatever’s next” and Carlson’s remark that it’s “probably not the champion clip to springiness up your AR-15.”

“Why not? Why’s helium saying that?” Hayes asked.

“The accusation is you person the AR-15 truthful that you tin sprout at, kill, maim, who? Fellow citizens? Agents of the state? Why bash you person them? Who are you going to shoot?”

Carlson’s remark arrived aft his guest, blimpish activistic Ned Ryun, said the U.S. was connected the way to “a one-party authorities and authoritarian government.”

It comes arsenic a fig of Fox News hosts have made nods to convulsive reactions successful the aftermath of the indictment connected Thursday.