Christina Aguilera Thanks Her LGBTQ Friends For This ‘Dirrty’ Skill ― And More

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Christina Aguilera wouldn’t beryllium rather truthful “dirrty” without the LGBTQ+ community’s words of wisdom.

The popular prima took the signifier Thursday nighttime astatine the 2023 GLAAD Media Awards successful Los Angeles, wherever she received the Advocate for Change Award. Presented to vocalist Madonna and erstwhile President Bill Clinton successful erstwhile years, the grant recognizes a nationalist fig who has “changed the crippled for LGBTQ radical astir the world” done their work.

After noting that “most of my lifelong champion friends place arsenic LGBTQ,” Aguilera winked astatine the lyrics of her 2002 hit, “Dirrty,” portion thanking members of the queer assemblage for their resilience and influence.

“So overmuch of who I americium and what I bash is due to the fact that of each of you, and the shared acquisition of having to combat for equality and state successful immoderate capacity,” she said. “Side by side, we’ve learned and taught each different everything astir life, from concern to relationships to music, family, partying ― I don’t cognize who does it amended ― and, of course, however to springiness a bully blowjob.”

Watch Aguilera’s 2023 GLAAD Media Awards code here:

As the assemblage erupted successful laughter and cheers, she quipped, “I’m conscionable saying, we cognize however to get dirty.”

After her sassy jokes, Aguilera’s code past took a much superior turn. The five-time Grammy victor alluded to her puerility experience with home violence arsenic a contributing origin to her continued LGBTQ+ allyship.

“When you’ve been a unfortunate of violence, maltreatment oregon trauma, it’s incredibly hard and scary to find your dependable and combat back,” she said. “Having grown up successful a location with home violence, it was seeing my ma successful a powerless presumption that archetypal ignited the occurrence successful maine to talk up for each of the radical whose voices don’t get heard. And it is not easy.”

Aguilera was presented with her grant by Michael Anderson, a subsister of past year’s mass shooting astatine Colorado’s Club Q nightclub. About a period aft the attack, the bartender called Aguilera “my idiosyncratic icon” and quoted her 2002 smash “Beautiful” successful an affectional testimony earlier Congress.

Michael Anderson, left, and Christina Aguilera.
Michael Anderson, left, and Christina Aguilera.

Michael Kovac via Getty Images

Praising Anderson arsenic the night’s “true hero,” Aguilera said successful her speech, “We each request to rise our voices if we privation to unrecorded successful a satellite that’s escaped of discrimination, hatred and violence.”

Thursday’s ceremonial was hosted by actor-comedian Margaret Cho and besides featured appearances by Jennifer Coolidge, Ricky Martin and Bad Bunny, who received GLAAD’s Vanguard Award for his LGBTQ+ allyship.

Hulu is acceptable to aerial a signaling of the 2023 GLAAD Media Awards connected April 12.

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