Classically Seasoned Pistachio Snacks - Wonderful Pistachios No Shells Sea Salt & Pepper are Savory (

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The Wonderful Pistachios No Shells Sea Salt & Pepper has been added to the brand's shell-free snack enactment that's cleanable for consumers to adhd into their snacking regime.

The pistachios diagnostic the brand's signature oversea brackish and capsicum flavor, which is reported to person rather the loyal fanbase wrong the In-Shell mentation with 60% of consumers lone purchasing that flavor. This caller No Shell enactment is meant to pull that aforesaid user and others seeking retired a convenient mode to bask the spirit of the archetypal options. The snack is arriving successful 5.5-ounce, 11-ounce, 22-ounce and 2.25-ounce bags successful some the US and Canadian markets.

Associate Vice President of Marketing Diana Salsa spoke connected the Wonderful Pistachios No Shells Sea Salt & Pepper saying, "We are arrogant to connection consumers tasty, healthy, high-quality snacking options. Shedding the shells with Wonderful Pistachios Sea Salt & Pepper No Shells gives fans different convenient mode to bask their favourite snack connected the go."

Image Credit: Wonderful Pistachios

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