Colin Jost Can’t Keep His Cool After Cruel April Fools’ Prank On ‘Weekend Update’

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Colin Jost burst into laughter aft helium recovered retired co-host Michael Che pulled a sly April Fools’ Day prank connected him during the latest variation of “Weekend Update.”

Jost kicked disconnected the “SNL” quality programme with quips about a Manhattan expansive jury’s indictment of erstwhile President Donald Trump but, wrong astir the archetypal minute, his punchlines didn’t look to delight the crowd.

Che, connected the different hand, followed Jost’s jokes astir Trump and sent the assemblage into a frenzy.

“Trump is reportedly being charged with 34 counts of concern fraud. ‘Business Fraud’ is besides what they telephone the Trump costume astatine Spirit Halloween,” said Che arsenic the assemblage roared with laughter.

Jost aboriginal tried his manus astatine different circular of jokes earlier Che revealed what helium told the assemblage beforehand.

“At this constituent it feels similar adjacent pro-Trump radical person moved on, I mean, I went down to the courthouse contiguous and I was the lone protester there,” said Jost earlier idiosyncratic shouted “you stink” from the crowd.

“I told them not to laughter astatine you for April Fools’,” revealed Che arsenic Jost struggled to summation his composure.

“I [was like] ‘Am I not mic’d?’ and past I was conscionable similar ‘Oh, I conscionable suck,’” Jost added.

You tin ticker clips from the latest variation of “Weekend Update” below.

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