Collaborative Connected Security Systems - The ADT Self Setup System Works with Google Products (

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The ADT Self Setup strategy has been developed arsenic a DIY information solution setup successful concern with Google to assistance consumers customize things to their needs utilizing the latest technologies.

The strategy is susceptible of being modified to see Google products similar the Nest Hub Max, Nest Mini, Nest Cam, Nest Doorbell, Nest Thermostat and more. These volition integrate seamlessly with the ADT Smart Home Hub and the ADT Motion Sensor for a cohesive idiosyncratic acquisition that tin beryllium easy scaled up to conscionable antithetic needs oregon requirements.

The ADT Self Setup strategy has a varied pricing depending connected the assorted solutions chosen, but starts astatine $219 with a $25 monthly monitoring plan. The strategy responds to the changing preferences of consumers and merges the recognizable ADT marque with the latest technologies for users to appreciate.

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