Common Types of Interviews You May Encounter on the Job Hunt

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by Kelsey Arrington connected Mar 29, 2023

Creative professionals brushwood assorted types of interviews portion connected the occupation hunt. From telephone screening interviews to method interviews, and everything successful betwixt – which tin marque it alternatively hard to consciousness prepared. Luckily, we’ve created this station conscionable for you. Below, we’ll reappraisal 5 types of interviews you’ll apt brushwood portion searching for your imagination job.

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  1. The Phone Interview
  2. The Video Interview
  3. The Behavioral Interview
  4. The Case Interview
  5. The Technical Interview

It is apt that you’ve experienced a traditional interview at immoderate constituent successful your career. You know, a emblematic interrogation wherever you beryllium down with an idiosyncratic individual and reply questions regarding your enactment experience, acquisition background, and interests successful the company. Surely you are acquainted with that process, truthful we won’t walk overmuch clip discussing that. Instead, we’ll absorption connected the different types of occupation interviews you whitethorn brushwood connected your journey. Just support reading!

1. The Phone Interview

A telephone interrogation is typically the first-round screening for an employer. During these calls, a institution typical oregon hiring manager volition usually sermon your background, qualifications, and wherefore you are funny successful joining their organization. The extremity of this benignant of interrogation is to find if you would enactment good for the role.

Phone Interview Tips

  • Research the institution beforehand and hole a database of questions to inquire astir the position
  • Keep your resume and screen missive useful truthful you tin notation to your enactment acquisition without forgetting immoderate important details.
  • Choose a quiet, backstage determination that has bully awesome strength.
  • Make definite your telephone is afloat charged to debar being disconnected prematurely.
  • Be mindful of your code erstwhile you talk and the gait astatine which you talk. Remember to dilatory down and reply each question thoughtfully.

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2. The Video Interview

These days, video interviews are precise communal – particularly with companies hiring distant workers who are stationed successful assorted locations crossed the world. In these interrogation types, you’ll apt beryllium interviewed via a video conferencing bundle level specified arsenic Skype, Zoom, oregon adjacent FaceTime successful immoderate instances.

Video Interview Tips

  • Test your exertion up of clip to guarantee that your net transportation is unchangeable and that your camera and microphone are operating properly.
  • Take your video interrogation successful a backstage abstraction to debar distractions and interruptions from household and friends. 
  • Choose a well-lit abstraction with a cleanable and professional-looking background.
  • Dress professionally, successful a akin manner to what you would deterioration to an in-person interview.
  • Be alert of your assemblage language, tone, and facial expressions. Do your champion to beryllium with due posture, smile, and look inviting.
  • Speak intelligibly and concisely. Do your champion to support a bully gait and debar speaking excessively quickly.

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3. The Behavioral Interview

Behavioral interviews are designed to assistance employers measure however good candidates person handled circumstantial situations passim their careers. During this benignant of interview, candidates are often asked to supply examples of situations successful which they’ve demonstrated the skills the institution is seeking. 

Behavioral Interview Tips

  • Come prepared by reviewing the job listing, researching the company, and compiling a database of applicable experiences to notation to. 
  • Listen cautiously to each question that the interviewer asks and petition clarification arsenic needed. This volition assistance you to reply questions thoroughly and supply applicable examples. 
  • Try not to unreserved done your answers. Don’t beryllium acrophobic to intermission and deliberation earlier speaking. 
  • Give honorable responses. Don’t effort to impressment the interviewer by responding with what you deliberation they privation to hear. Instead, recount your experiences authentically. 
  • Use circumstantial examples to showcase your skills – i.e. “During my clip with X company, I grew our societal media accounts by 50% successful the archetypal 3 months.”
  • Prepare a database of questions to inquire the interviewer astir the company, its culture, and what they are readying for the future.

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The Case Interview

During lawsuit interviews, candidates are often fixed a hypothetical concern occupation to solve. The extremity of this benignant of occupation interrogation is to gauge your problem-solving skills and spot what strategies you could travel up with to lick issues astatine the company. 

Case Interview Tips

  • Read the lawsuit (or challenge) cautiously and inquire the interviewer clarifying questions to guarantee that you person a afloat knowing of the occupation you’re trying to solve.
  • Use data to enactment and validate your strategy.
  • Communicate your strategy intelligibly and concisely. 
  • Be originative and effort to deliberation extracurricular of the container to travel up with a solution to the situation presented.
  • Practice by reviewing lawsuit studies and participating successful mock interviewers. 
  • Express your enthusiasm for the presumption and fto your property radiance through. 

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The Technical Interview

Technical interviews are utilized to measure skills that are integral to the circumstantial occupation 1 is applying for. During these types of occupation interviews, candidates whitethorn beryllium asked to instrumentality method tests, enactment successful coding challenges, oregon show their skills successful different ways. This benignant of occupation interrogation is astir communal astatine highly competitory companies – particularly those successful the tech industry. 

Technical Interview Tips

  • Research the institution thoroughly and brushwood up connected the method skills that are applicable to the occupation presumption you’re seeking.
  • Study your trade to marque definite you person an knowing of the fundamentals of your industry. This whitethorn see reviewing concepts specified as algorithms and information structures or speechmaking about artificial intelligence.
  • Practice coding. Before the interrogation process begins, marque definite you are comfy with solving communal coding problems. 
  • Review communal interrogation questions asked successful method interviews and hole answers up of time. Even if those circumstantial questions aren’t asked, doing this volition assistance you consciousness much prepared.
  • Be honorable with the interviewer. If determination is simply a method occupation that you perfectly cannot solve, marque definite you explicit that to the idiosyncratic interviewing you.
  • Follow up and nonstop a convey you connection to the interviewer. 

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