Covid inquiry: UK government 'largely run on Whatsapp'

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Guto Harri was appointed arsenic communications manager astatine No 10 successful February 2022

The UK authorities is "largely tally by Whatsapp" according to Boris Johnson's erstwhile communications chief, arsenic the deadline for the ex premier minister's unredacted messages looms.

Guto Harri said it is motion that governmental connection has changed.

The nationalist hearing, which begins successful 2 weeks, is investigating however ministers handled the pandemic.

Mr Harri, the Welsh erstwhile Downing Street caput of communications, told Radio Wales that the planetary pandemic had "blurred the boundaries" betwixt authoritative connection and conversations connected sites similar WhatsApp.

WhatsApp allows users to nonstop messages, images, audio oregon video.

"Long gone are the days wherever a idiosyncratic with a clipboard would beryllium determination penning the authoritative record. The decisions that person to beryllium taken, the fig of radical progressive and we had a planetary pandemic wherever radical were seldom successful the aforesaid room," helium said.

Mr Harri said that utilizing the instant-messaging work helped the authorities to relation much efficiently, adding: "It volition astonishment radical but that is the gait of authorities now."

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Both Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak were fined for attending a day enactment successful Downing Street during Covid

The UK authorities has truthful acold refused to manus implicit worldly it does not see relevant.

The Covid enquiry has fixed the Cabinet Office until 16:00 BST connected Thursday to disclose each of the accusation it has requested.

The Cabinet Office has argued that ministers indispensable person the close to sermon policies successful backstage and says a starring lawyer is successful the process of deciding what is applicable to the inquiry.

Some elder Conservative MPs person urged the authorities to backmost down to debar a lengthy ineligible showdown.

Mr Harri says the disorder has near radical trying to enactment retired "where the bottleneck lies".

"I fishy astir radical volition beryllium amazed that Boris Johnson is truthful consenting to manus implicit his WhatsApp messages, due to the fact that that puts unit connected the authorities to enactment unit connected different ministers, and the existent Prime Minister," helium said.

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