Craig Bellamy: Burnley assistant boss and former Wales captain bankrupt

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Craig Bellamy successful  his relation   arsenic  Burnley assistantCraig Bellamy has been Vincent Kompany's adjunct astatine Burnley since July 2022

Burnley adjunct manager and erstwhile Wales skipper Craig Bellamy has said helium is bankrupt.

Bellamy's cumulative transportation fees amounted to £45m during a playing vocation which saw spells astatine clubs including Liverpool, Manchester City and West Ham.

But the 43-year-old said his fiscal concern was owed to failed investments made connected his behalf.

"Everything I person had has been taken from me," Bellamy told the Daily Mail.

"If you get the incorrect radical advising you it each haemorrhages, it each dwindles.

"It has got to the constituent wherever bankruptcy is simply a relief. It means I tin conscionable unrecorded again.

"I cognize immoderate radical volition astir apt deliberation I person squandered each my wealth connected drinking oregon gambling oregon drugs. I haven't.

"I tin spell quiescent wherever you won't perceive from maine but I won't beryllium down the pub. I person ne'er touched drugs since I was a young kid. I don't gamble - I person ne'er gambled.

"It doesn't marque immoderate consciousness to me. But I person gambled connected radical unfortunately."

Bellamy began his vocation astatine Norwich earlier spells with Coventry, Newcastle, Celtic, Blackburn, Liverpool, West Ham and home-town nine Cardiff, and scored 19 goals successful 78 appearances for Wales.

After retiring arsenic a subordinate successful 2014 helium moved into coaching 2 years aboriginal nether Neil Warnock astatine Cardiff, earlier joining Vincent Kompany astatine Anderlecht successful June 2019, archetypal arsenic under-21s manager, past adjunct manager.

Bellamy, who said successful 2020 helium had been diagnosed with depression, wanted his acquisition to service arsenic a informing to younger players.

"Check everything, marque definite the radical advising you are regulated," Bellamy added.

"If they are not regulated, it's the chaotic west. Get your worldly audited by autarkic people, the equivalent of getting a 2nd opinion.

"I was brought up successful a procreation of footballers wherever everything was done for you. Every bill. Wherever I was, the nine did everything for me. I deliberation that's wrong.

"It makes you excessively vulnerable. It's bully for players to person their ain responsibilities due to the fact that 1 time the nine volition not beryllium there.

"You volition decorativeness your vocation and you volition inactive beryllium a young man, and erstwhile you decorativeness who's going to wage your worldly then? You are going to person to larn to survive. You are going to person unrecorded successful the existent world."

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