Cutting-Edge Retail POS Systems - Bouclair Launches a New PredictSpring POS System Across Canada (

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Bouclair, a salient retail concatenation with 54 locations situated crossed Canada, has precocious implemented an precocious Point of Sale (POS) platform. PredictSpring, the caller system, encompasses a broad suite of tools and features, including stationary and mobile POS applications. The level besides incorporates clienteling functionalities, facilitating personalized lawsuit interactions and omnichannel commerce capabilities, enabling seamless buying experiences crossed assorted channels.

Additionally, the PredictSpring solution offers inventory absorption functionalities, allowing Bouclair to oversee and optimize its inventory operations efficiently. With the integration of this POS system, Bouclair hopes to heighten its operations and present a seamless buying experience.

“As shoppers of location furnishings truly worth the in-store experience, it was important to make a modern POS solution that provided benefits to Bouclair customers in-store but kept them engaged with the marque erstwhile buying online [...],” said Nitin Mangtani, Founder and CEO of PredictSpring successful a statement.

Image Credit: Bouclair

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