Daniel Radcliffe Reiterates His Support For Transgender Youth In A Powerful Way

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Daniel Radcliffe honored Transgender Day of Visibility on Friday by reaffirming his longtime enactment for the LGBTQ+ community.

The “Harry Potter” histrion precocious joined a radical of six young transgender and nonbinary radical to facilitate a heartfelt treatment astir LGBTQ+ rights and allyship. Footage of the chat was released by the Trevor Project this week arsenic the premiere occurrence of its “Sharing Space” video series.

Describing the acquisition arsenic “an implicit privilege,” Radcliffe said successful a statement, “We perceive to truthful galore radical speech astir trans younker and perceive them talked astir truthful often successful the news, but precise seldom bash we really perceive from these younker directly.”

He added, “At the extremity of the time if you’re going to speech astir trans kids, it mightiness beryllium utile to really perceive to trans kids.”

Watch “Sharing Space” with Daniel Radcliffe below.

During the chat, Radcliffe addresses those who support “condescending” attitudes toward trans and nonbinary youth, arsenic good arsenic radical who “self-refer” to themselves arsenic LGBTQ+ allies without afloat embodying that enactment successful their mundane life.

“Obviously, determination are immoderate radical successful the satellite who are conscionable not trying to prosecute with this speech successful immoderate benignant of bully faith,” helium explains. “I deliberation a batch of the clip it’s conscionable due to the fact that radical don’t cognize a young trans person, truthful there’s conscionable this theoretical thought astir this successful their head.”

Much of that reticence, helium said, tin displacement with simply taking the clip to amended yourself: “So overmuch of the satellite hinges connected a sex binary.”

Radcliffe’s remarks travel arsenic “Harry Potter” writer J.K. Rowling is erstwhile again sparking contention for incendiary remarks connected the transgender community. In a caller podcast, “The Witch Trials of J.K. Rowling,” she describes the trans rights question arsenic “being illiberal successful its methods and questionable successful its ideas,” adding: “I believe, absolutely, that determination is thing unsafe astir this question and that it indispensable beryllium challenged.”

Daniel Radcliffe has been moving   the The Trevor Project, an advocacy radical  dedicated to helping at-risk LGBTQ youth, for much  than a decade,
Daniel Radcliffe has been moving the The Trevor Project, an advocacy radical dedicated to helping at-risk LGBTQ youth, for much than a decade,

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Though Radcliffe has credited Rowling with being “unquestionably liable for the course” of his vocation by creating the quality of Harry Potter, he’s nevertheless distanced himself from the author’s transphobic views connected much than 1 occasion. Prior to “Sharing Space,” he’s had a moving narration with The Trevor Project, an advocacy radical dedicated to helping at-risk LGBTQ+ youth, for much than a decade.

“The crushed I was felt very, precise overmuch arsenic though I needed to accidental thing erstwhile I did was that, peculiarly since finishing ‘Potter,’ I’ve met truthful galore queer and trans kids and young radical who had a immense magnitude of recognition with Potter connected that,” the histrion told IndieWire past twelvemonth erstwhile asked astir his determination to talk retired against Rowling’s comments. “And truthful seeing them wounded connected that day, I was like, I wanted them to cognize that not everybody successful the franchise felt that way. And that was truly important.”

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