Denise Austin, 66, says she’s been doing 30-minute workouts for 40 years: ‘If you rest, you’ll rust’

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Denise Austin has been doing 30-minute workouts for 40 years – and the 66-year-old said it’s the concealed down her youthful appearance.

The fittingness teacher has had a decades-long vocation helping radical suffer value astatine home, selling much than 24 cardinal workout videos and DVDs. She besides authored 12 books and starred successful a longtime TV amusement connected fitness.

Austin told Fox News Digital that being a engaged ma of 2 daughters inspired her implicit the years to travel up with half-hour routines that tin beryllium done without heading to a gym. Most recently, the prima went viral aft modeling the aforesaid pinkish swimsuit she wore successful the ‘90s.

A side-by-side photograph  of Denise Austin wearing a pinkish  swimsuit

Denise Austin went viral aft she shared a photograph of herself wearing her pinkish swimsuit from the '90s. (

"That’s close – I person been doing 30-minute workouts for 40 years," she said. "I genuinely judge that successful 30 minutes you tin get successful everything. So immoderate days of the week, I bash 30 minutes worthy of cardio to pain fat, to enactment connected [my heart] – it is simply a muscle. And past connected the different 3 days, I bash 30-minutes of toning and stretching to support [my] abs strong… to support the assemblage strong, toned and firmed up."

Denise Austin getting fed by her girl  successful  a achromatic  and achromatic  photo

Fitness guru Denise Austin with her hubby Jeff and their 21-month-old girl Kelly successful a throwback snap. (Diana Walker/Getty Images)

"We person recovered done probe [that] shows 30 minutes astir days of the week is simply a large magnitude of clip to get a large workout," she shared. "It could beryllium 30 minutes of outdoor walking… So there’s nary excuse. When the kids were little, I utilized to aftermath up earlier [they] got up. Before I cooked them meal and sent them disconnected to school, I’d get it done… Sometimes I’d get it done successful the greeting or, passim the time I’d bash 10 minutes. You could bash 3 10-minute workouts. You could [do] an accumulation of 30 minutes successful a time and that’s large too."

"Whatever you tin do, conscionable effort it," she said. "Just starting with 10 minutes of walking is fabulous. You’ll consciousness truthful overmuch better."


Denise Austin flexing wearing a blistery  pinkish  formal  and metallic  precocious   heels

Denise Austin has been a longtime advocator of 30-minute workouts. (ABC via Getty Images)

Austin has her ain app, which features hundreds of 30-minute workouts, but she said conscionable mounting speech a yoga mat, airy weights and a absorption set are each you request to get started with immoderate routine.

Denise Austin wearing a bluish  sleeveless apical  and holding a absorption    band

Denise Austin said a yoga mat, airy weights and a absorption set are each you request to enactment retired astatine home. (Tom Cooper/Getty Images for Wellness Your Way Festival)

"You could bash yoga, you could bash Pilates, you beryllium value training, you could beryllium walking, you could bash a small kickboxing, you could adjacent bash my old-fashioned retro aerobics that I inactive love," she explained. "There’s thing retired determination for everyone. And 30 minutes is each you request to consciousness truthful good. It’s a fantastic feeling of self-accomplishment. You overcame procrastination… Even immoderate bully outdoor stretching connected a beauteous time could beryllium large to get moving. I workout due to the fact that I privation to consciousness bully and I find that 30 minutes is simply a cleanable magnitude of clip to consciousness energized and get that metabolism revved up."

Austin admitted she was stunned that her favourite bubblegum pinkish one-piece inactive fits decades later.

Denise Austin jumping a posing mid-air

Denise Austin began her fittingness vocation teaching aerobic workout classes successful Los Angeles. She went connected to cohost "The Jack LaLanne Show" successful 1981. (Diana Walker/Getty Images)

"I’ve had it from backmost successful the time erstwhile I filmed my workout TV show," she said. "I’ve been opening up antithetic boxes and uncovering each these large retro workout apparel that I utilized to wear. My daughters emotion them due to the fact that it’s successful close now."

"I started to enactment them on, and I was like, ‘Yay, they inactive fit!’" she gushed. "So I said, ‘What the heck?’… We took a representation astatine the formation conscionable for amusive and I did a past and present [on societal media]."

While summertime is astir here, Austin insisted it’s ne'er excessively precocious to footwear disconnected caller wellness goals to look and consciousness better. She described however it’s the cleanable clip to banal up connected "the rainbow of beauteous fruits and vegetables" that are successful season.


Denise Austin wearing a reddish  formal  doing a push-up connected  the reddish  carpet

Denise Austin is seen present demonstrating a pushup connected the reddish carpet of the White House Correspondents Association meal connected April 26, 2008, successful Washington, D.C. (Aude Guerrucci/AFP via Getty Images)

"You’ve got to person bully nutrition, bully workout and a bully attitude," said Austin. "… I devour good 80% of the clip and I person my treats 20% of the time… Even if you haven’t exercised successful years, that’s OK. Start tiny with conscionable 10 minutes – you’ll consciousness a large difference. The vigor volition commencement to flow, and you’ll commencement to person a bully mindset… For the summer, I emotion to bash exercises that people the triceps [to wear] sleeveless blouses… My different favourite is simply a mini-squat. A batch of people… 50 and older, person genu and hep issues. So a mini-squat is large for your down and your legs."

"If you rest, you’ll rust," she added.

Austin noted that connected Sundays, she likes to dedicate herself to walking. She’ll telephone her sisters, girlfriends oregon daughters to spot who volition articulation her. And done catching up, the clip passes quickly, she insisted.

Denise Austin wearing a achromatic  formal  jumping successful  the aerial  with her girl  Katie Austin wearing a reddish  dress

Denise Austin is seen present with her girl Katie Austin, who is besides a fittingness instructor. (Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

"Walking works your full body," she said. "I archer radical to pump those arms, truly get the astir retired of your walk. You tin besides locomotion arsenic accelerated arsenic you can. It’s overmuch easier connected the assemblage than running, truthful it’s a large mode to get successful shape. I deliberation walking is 1 of the easiest ways to conscionable get retired determination and that’s what summertime is each about. Find a person oregon drawback your chromatic bunny similar I do… It’s a fantastic mode to get much tone successful your body. And it’s truthful important to consciousness bully some mentally and physically."

Austin said those 50 and older should commencement tiny and enactment their mode up to debar hurting immoderate joints. She noted walking is the easiest mode to jumpstart immoderate wellness goals. And low-impact routines are conscionable arsenic effective.

"Each clip you tin spell a mates of minutes longer," she said. "So there’s ever thing you tin bash to improve. But honestly, if you tin enactment retired astatine slightest 3 days a week, that’s awesome. I effort to enactment retired astir days of the week. I get successful astir six days now. I similar to usage Sundays for much amusive things similar pickleball with my household oregon things similar that."

Denise Austin wearing a achromatic  swimsuit connected  the catwalk

Denise Austin walks the runway for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Runway Show connected July 16, 2022, successful Miami Beach, Florida. (John Parra/Getty Images for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit)

To start, Austin recommended creating a workout docket and mounting reminders to support yourself successful check. Exploring assorted fittingness apps and escaped YouTube interviews besides makes it casual to research antithetic classes without breaking the bank. She besides recommended calling up a person to articulation you to marque it other fun.

Denise Austin demonstrating a workout regular    connected  her daughter

Denise Austin talks astir toning with the assistance of her girl Katie Austin during a wellness retreat. (Tom Cooper/Getty Images for Wellness Your Way Festival)

"If you get your friends to travel implicit and assistance get you going, it volition get you much motivated, I promise," she said. "That’s what I emotion to bash – motivate radical to get disconnected the sofa and bash thing steadfast for themselves… I’m besides a large believer successful balance. I don’t overdo anything. To me, 30 minutes is moderation. And I effort to bash antithetic types of workouts to get my muscles to beryllium amazed and not connected a plateau. I genuinely judge successful a small spot of 3 things: immoderate cardio, immoderate toning and immoderate flexibility. All 3 are important successful keeping your assemblage well-balanced. And I deliberation that has helped maine done the years."

Currently, Austin has a caller mag disposable connected newsstands called "Fit Over 50," which features her favourite tips and tricks.

Katie Austin and Denise Austin flexing their muscles successful  bikinis connected  the runway

Katie Austin and Denise Austin made a splash erstwhile they walked the runway unneurotic for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit amusement successful Miami. ( John Parra/Getty Images for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit)

"I bash cheat a small each day," she chuckled. "I’m a large believer successful eating good 80% of the clip and having your treats 20% of the time. I don’t hold for 1 time to stroke it all…. Over the weekend, of course, I emotion crystal cream… I volition dainty myself to a small something, but I bash similar steadfast foods… And arsenic I age, I devour a small otherwise too. I adhd much salmon… immoderate avocados and olive lipid for your hairsbreadth and skin. And eating healthier helps you slumber better, which is important for your exercise… I judge successful equilibrium and moderation. I conscionable don’t overeat."

Austin insisted that similar everyone else, determination are days erstwhile she doesn’t consciousness similar moving – and that’s besides OK.

"I’m not a fittingness nut," she laughed. "I don’t bushed myself up. I bash bask immoderate days conscionable lying connected the sofa and watching Netflix. But the adjacent day, I volition spell for my locomotion and get backmost connected track. Don’t get upset – conscionable bash thing the adjacent time to consciousness acceptable again… Get backmost up again – you tin bash it."

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