Desi Lydic Brutally Mocks Conservative Tears Over Trump Indictment

2 months ago 8

Desi Lydic utilized a parody telephone for donations to poke amusive astatine conservatives who person gone connected TV to accidental however bittersweet they are astir erstwhile President Donald Trump’s indictment.

“Is determination thing much heartbreaking than the tears of a conservative? Every azygous hour, each crossed America’s blimpish TV networks, different bittersweet Republican cries astir Donald Trump’s indictment,” the “Daily Show” analogous began the spoof spot.

The entreaty is edited with clips of Trump scions Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and Fox News personalities expressing vexation astatine Trump’s charging successful the Stormy Daniels hush-money case.

“These men are suffering due to the fact that Trump is suffering… the consequences of his actions,” Lydic continues, with faux concern. “You tin assistance these big, strong, anemic small bitches. Call present earlier it’s excessively late, oregon earlier Trump gets charged with his adjacent transgression oregon his adjacent 1 oregon his adjacent one, you get it.”

The advertisement ends with this connection connected screen: “Help a blimpish done an lawsuit that is seemingly sadder than a schoolhouse shooting.”

Watch the video here:

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